Sunday? Always a Good Day At Whitley City Church of God…

Sunday? Always a Good Day At Whitley City Church of God…

In Our Church!

We went to church this morning and our Pastor Bruce Dixon did a sermon on an amazing message about:

“What Are You Afraid Of”

He talked about how there are 3 of the same stories in the Bible in Matthew, Mark, and Luke, and about how after Jesus healed the gentlemen that was ill they told or ask Him to leave and he wasn’t welcome. Why?

Because they were afraid and feared him. There are several types of fear in the world and our Pastor had said he Googled the subject just to check and see what the numbers were. Along with saying to us “Prepare Yourself” although I’m not sure those were Pastor Bruce’s exact words but, he stated that there are 7 million four hundred and something fears that are categorized as such as far as Google stated.

All in all, the bottom line is what are you afraid of when it comes to giving your life to Jesus Christ and living to obey God as He said in his message:

Television shows you are not going to be able to watch.

Certain people you can no longer associate with.

Places you will no longer be able to go to or visit.

The list goes on and on and on and you would not believe the names of some of these fears listed!

Fears of beards our Pastor stated. Yes beards! I found that odd.

Fears of snakes. I fear snakes!

A Goraphobic – I always thought my mother was because she never wanted to leave her home after being in a badly abusive relationship years ago. Let’s just say the man almost killed her several times and leave it at that. I did not understand at the time and there were no laws as there are today for such a horrible situation.

There’s more as I said 7 million or it may have been billion. It was quite the interesting message from the gospel of Matthew.

There was so much more to the sermon, I am by far not as intelligent as our Pastor Bruce Dixon when it comes to bringing a message like he does because it’s always a powerful message.

You may visit our church on facebook If you like. Amazing things happening here! All the time! I am so blessed to be a part of this church.

If you like you can read the story in Matthew, Mark or Luke as I said. It’s there I’ve read it several times. I love reading the Bible or any book, article, etc. When it comes to the gospels of Jesus Christ.

The worship music is always a blessing. We have quite the talented musicians. Our Pastor and his sons included along with several other gentlemen and women that play the instruments and sing as we’re standing, clapping, praising and lifting our arms to praise the Lord. It’s quite a site to see and be a part of. We have an alter call and we pray and we pray and we pray and hope to lead others to Jesus Christ by spreading the gospel and you can to.

It’s always a blessing to be in our church. I feel like a million dollars during a church service at Whitley City Church of God and every time I walk out of there.

The big blessing we got to see today was a baptism!

Praise God! The beautiful lady standing next to the young lady that was baptized is Angela I just love her!

She’s a school teacher here and they love her to.

It was an amazing thing to see and it always is in leading others to Christ.

Our pastor is in the center of the photo with the young lady that was baptized along with several others. We all lined up, hugged her and told her that we loved her, and God Blessed her!

Great books for a Bible study or even a great read:

Have you given your heart to Jesus Christ?

Ask and you shall receive.

Knock and the door shall open.

Believe and Have Faith.

Ask Jesus to come into your heart today.

He died on the cross and shed his blood to save us from our sins.

We are forgiven!

Start your journey today by living, obeying and following Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior.

We also have a Celebrate Recovery Program at our church every Sunday evening from 6-8 p.m. that is lead by brother Sean Brunette and it’s saving lives daily.

It’s a fantastic program and it works because:

With God All Things Are Possible…

A Faith Based Recovery Program.

Addiction is taking over our country and ruining lives daily. There is help for all and Jesus is the way, the truth and the light.

God bless and have a great week…