The Great Alone –

The Great Alone –

This is my current read and I’m not finished with it yet but I still wanted to blog about it because it’s such an interesting book and I think anyone who loves to read as I do will definitely enjoy this book because it’s that good!

It starts off in 1974 and Leni that’s telling the story in the book is 13 bit it’s still an adult read by author Kristin Hannah and it’s an amazing adventure you’ll feel lime your there!

This is the old bear that leads up to trying to attack Lani’s father all while he’s driving here to Alaska when a guy that was in Vietnam with her father that died while serving our country leaves him land in Alaska in which he receives a letter from the man’s father.

It’s a triumphant and challenging time for all of them as a whole and a family only Leni is caught in the riptide of her parents passionate, crazy, stormy relationship, and how much they truly love each other even though she doesn’t understand it. Her father can’t hold down a job, he drinks to much and he doesn’t treat her mother to well either that she can see of and he has flash backs and nightmares about Vietnam that makes things even worse at home and elsewhere. She is desperate for a place to belong, stay in one school and have some actual real friends for a change.

Her mother Cora will do anything or go anywhere for her father whim she loves with all her heart.

At first Alaska seems to be the answer and everything is going great as planned. In a remote corner of the state in an independent community and the people love the life they’ve created here in Alaska of strong men and even stronger woman.

But, as winter approaches and darkness descends on Alaska, Ernt’s fragile mental state deteriorates and the family begins to come apart as well.

The long sunlit days and the generosity of the locals helping them out and preparing and with dwindling resources there help is making up for what they don’t have because they came to Alaska very unprepared for the more than fierce winters.

As winter does descends on Alaska, so do the perils outside, pale in comparison to threats from within inside there home.

In their small cabin, covered in snow, and 18 hours of darkness in the book winter and at night, Leni and her mother know the terrible truth: they are on their own in The Great Alone and in the wild there is no one to save them but themselves.

It’s a portrait of human frailty and resilence, and how a family learns to survive as the modern American pioneer is revealed in the Spirit if a vanishing Alaska, a place of incomparable beauty and danger.

This is an up all night read and you won’t be able to put it down. How Kristin Hannah writes about Alaska it’s as if we’re right herewith them.

It’s that great of a book! I had to write and blog about it now that’s how good it is!

Your going to want to add this book to your TBR list for sure this summer!

I anxious to see his this book ends but I am enjoying the story so much!

It’s an exceptional masterpiece…

You may head over to goodreads to read all reviews.  I just can’t stress enough how great if an author Kristin Hannah is! I hope you enjoy this review!
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Our Backyard Chickens and the New Addition…

Our Backyard Chickens and the New Addition…

We’ve been quite busy since Fathers Day when I knew I had hear small faint chirping as I walked slowly and as I approached our chicken house but, I still saw nothing and if they were even born yet they were hiding up under Mama and sleeping.

We went ahead and attended church the following morning then after words on Fathers Day there they were with first 2, then 4, then 6, then 8, and I was starting to loose count because the way they were moving around and hiding because they would get scared and hide when we would approach the chicken house or they would hear us but, there they were the cutest little baby chickens alive and well!

There doing quite well and I didn’t want to put water in anything to deep and I used pie pans, milk jugs, and the bottom of water bottles. I trimmed them down to there height and enough to where they wouldn’t drowned.

I hadn’t thought about it But on backyard chickens where I’m a member and someone told me pie pans were good for this and if you have chickens or raise chickens you can find out any information you need to know from their website. They have anything you needed know here.

I was uneducated about chickens for years and the last few years I’ve edu ate myself because I knew I wanted to have chickens when we purchased this place and moved here. Wean teach ourselves or learn how to anything of our choice.

About a month ago one if our roosters disappeared and everything was fine for a while and then my other rooster disappeared and then the next night one of my chickens was gone. Poor girl all that was left in the chicken house was the floor being covered with feathers. We assumed a fox and a friend of mine told me a fox will leave the feathers because they can’t pick them up and carry them with them.

My husband and I knew we had to figure out a way to keep the babies safe or he’s the carpenter he did. I’m just a helper when need be. We have another chicken house behind our house and after he fenced it off all around the outside and moved the door on the other to this one it was in good shape!

We moved the ladder and one of the perches and knew they would be safe and so far they have been.

Here is the end result and I’m so pleased with it. I do have some red paint I may add but I’ll have to add some white to the trim to. We stopped here because we plan to add a larger run to it also for them especially now since I’ll have a pretty decent size flock.

Her last baby didn’t make it and we lost our roosters and a hen but look What God had blessed us with!

There just adorable and I hope they all make it. The Mama coma and huts my door and let’s me know they want an evening snack. I just cut a fresh pineapple and gave them what was left of the rind and the middle. Yesterday it was the stems and access from fresh spinach. I don’t know if I’ll keep them all if not I’ll sell them. We’ll see and I told my husband people in this county will be calling me that chicken lady!

I enjoy getting the fresh eggs and their both good layers. Only problem the other chicken jeeps going in the other old chicken house. But I told my husband were going to have to fix, repair and make it safe because I can’t keep all of them until chicken house their in because it’s not big enough and we’ll work through it and be ready for Fall and Winter. I haven’t had to purchase eggs since I’ve had them and this part I love and fresh eggs are better!

I love all of the egg holders and fresh eggs do not have to be refrigerated until you use them. Don’t clean them until your ready to use them and they’ll last about a month.

I’m over my illness and it’s cooled off some and boys humid here in Whitley. We’re even managing to have some cool comfortable evenings and that’s when my nose is in great book. I’ve read quite a few lately.

We’re blessed to have the life we do and I thank God daily. Make the most of it and enjoy the dream of what ever it may be you create. Until next time and I’ve read some great blogs today. Keep up the great writing my friends and God Bless…

It’s time for coffee and some reading!

“Why Her” – Book Review…

“Why Her” – Book Review…

Nicki Koziarz from Proverbs 31 Ministries has sure written a masterpiece this book about a question all of us at women I’m sure have ask ourselves “Why Her” which could pertain to all types of areas in our life when it comes to comparing ourselves to others.

How does she make herself look so good and healthy each day?

How is she able to have and keep such a nice home?

Why are they able to purchase a car like that and we can’t?

Nicki has not the mark on this one and it’s definitely a tremendous book that will touch soul deep with in and you’ll be thinking about the 6 Truths long after you finish this book!

When it comes to Biblical Hospitality £ Entertainment…

When it comes to Biblical Hospitality £ Entertainment…

Just Open The Door is a book written by Jennifer Schmidt and she writes about how it’s so much different when entertaining and doesn’t have to be a hard, unsuccessful task when it comes to entertaining and being hospitable.

Once you star reading his book you won’t be able to put it down as Ken explains that its more about a person or Cosby being hospitable and happy then the divine spread we all stress and worry about how we will look on the outside as to how we look on the inside from our hearts and spreading the message and gospel of Jesus Christ with friends, family, and others.

Jens book also comes with letters from readers of her blog and wonderful heart warming stories and information she has shared with readers of her blog! This is definitely a book worth purchasing and getting the knack of entertaining with out the stress and worry of what am I going to put on the table for all that’s coming this evening?

Ken writes from the heart and I give her a 5 star read on this one! You’ll want this book in your home forever and it would make a nice table setting for guest to browse through to!

Put this book in your TBR this week and year to read!

Feeding The Birds and All God’s Creatures…

Feeding The Birds and All God’s Creatures…

But not bears I say! Let’s not leave food outside and draw bears near to our homes. It’s that time of year and here in Whitley City, KY. On year a bear was eating out of the dumpster at KFC here and having quite the meal as I’m sure he was happy.

Last year I had put out a really nice bird feeder that 6 or 8 birds could perch in and eat from but the squirrels time and time again would have a feast and swing on it as well. Each time I saw it laying in the yard I would go out into the yard and hang it again never becoming upset because I know squirrels have to eat to

This year I haven’t had a chance to go and pick up any bird feeders as I had been laying the bird feed on a shelf like stand I guess you could say in order for the birds to be able to eat.

I decided today I was going to make a bird feeder as I had saw it done before with water or soda bottles. I just used a 2 liter soda bottle and cut it down.

The Supplies Needed That I Used:


Soda or Water Bottle

Scissors scrapbook or regular scissors

Hole Punch

Twigs or Sticks to fit for birds to perch

Trim it down with scissors to desired size. Then I punched the holes around the outside for me to be abe to run the twigs and sticks through the wholes. I also wrapped it around the twigs for a sturdier hang when hanging on the tree. I placed a piece of a stirofoam on the bottom bit you could use a plastic saucer, plate or lid in order to have a place for the birdseed to fall into and rest. There you have it and now the birds can eat and be satisfied end it’s nice for us to be able to see the different color birds we attract here. I also hung out my. 99 cent hummingbird feeder I’ve had for years and I definitely need to upcycle this one or just purchase a new one period.

I’m just happy I can feed the birds better now. It’s a simple project and children would enjoy it.

Sorry I haven’t written any blogs lately. I’ve been working many hours, taking care of my home, and and chickens.

I have a broody one and 8 pray these babies live. The last ones were duds and it was as if she knew. She came up out of the chicken house one day and left them. My husband did find a dead one and I just got rid of the other eggs.

She came out today to eat and played for a little bit and returned to her eggs. Brave our rooster was being contrary and I scolded him and told him to be nice but our chickens seem happy. Well see if these baby chickens live I sure hope so!

Have a great weekend and leave plenty of water outside this year it’s humid and very hot…