Review – Oceans Apart by Karen Kingsbury…

Review – Oceans Apart by Karen Kingsbury…

Yes, it is one Karen’s older titles and I was surprised when I found it on my book shelf the other day when I was starved for a good book to read and Karen’s always are a great read.

There’s always a lesson in her books, an act of forgiveness or a faith based way to deal with hardships in life or tackle a situation head on and have plenty of courage and strength after prayer.

This book “Ocean’s Apart” really touched my soul. Connor was an airline pilot and Michelle his wife, married with 2 beautiful girls living the American dream with being the happy, perfect family.

On the other side of the world to this family in Honolulu, Hawaii is Keisha and her son Max. She is an airline stewardess raising her son alone and while she’ll has to work on a 2 day flight once a week, Rami is an older lady and friend and has cared for Max his entire life since birth.

Connor receives a phone call one day from an attorney. Keisha was killed in a plane crash there were no survivors and has left in her last will and testimony that Max is to spend 2 weeks with his biological father before he is turned over to the foster care system. Upon the end of the two weeks Connor must decide “will he keep Max and be the father he’s never known or had”?

Not only did Connor know anything about Max but neither did Michelle his wife. When he has to tell Michelle about his infidelity 8 years ago during her bout with depression their marriage starts to crumble. At first Michelle completely shuns this little boy that is impossible not to love! But run out and grab your copy at a bookstore or your local library and read this novel to see how it plays out and with love comes forgiveness and it will take a forgiveness miracle to render this situation for this family and make then whole again.

Will it happen for Max or not?

Will God answer Remi’s forgiveness miracle for Max?

I sure hope you’ll read this novel and find out. All of Karen’s books usually come with a study guide at the end of the book and she has several verses listed to add to the study at times with the study questions to help readers really dig in and become more grounded in our journey of Faith and our relationship with God.

I’ve learned so much about myself and my journey of Faith ANS I definitely recommend Karen Kingsbury’s book! Or books!

I hope you enjoy and God Bless…

Summer is passing us by and ready for fall…

Summer is passing us by and ready for fall…

It’s been a summer of full humidity here in Whitley City, KY. I’ve been trying to garden or form flowers somewhat this year. It’s been a rough year due to my COPD and I’ve did what I could around here as fat as planting and growing. It’s been a rough road this year especially after I got sick for a couple weeks.

The flower to the left is the one I’ve been most concerned about. I brought it home or was a beautiful violet color and very bright bit it’s as if the color has drained right out of it. The others are doing wonderful. It’s a cherry Zinnias I believe it said, and the white flower I’d a peony I believe it said in the tag. The basil well it aways grows fantastic and it’s wonderful to have fresh basil to cook with especially! I also have my Passions Garden Journal I’m using again this year because if YIY ever purchase this garden journal it can be used more than one year and I’m so glad I’m eve to get more use out of it. Of course, I do not have a huge, huge garden of flowers or vegetable here even though that is my goal one day!

Here are some photos of the Passions Garden Journal and log that I’ve used in this year.

It has a very well made cover with all of the little trinkets for gardening on it. Comes with all of your tabs, three book markers, just in case you want to mark certain areas. It does have an index to. You have all of your tabs for what ever it may be you like to use these for in gardening and there’s even a place for photos, personal journalist and I tried to look up photos of others using this garden journal but not many out there of this one. I’m trying to educate myself a little more than year about this garden journal and the different areas it has such as hardiness zones. Where we live and the temperatures and humidity have so much to do with what hardiness zone were actually in and how well all plants, veggies, and flowers will grow. This garden journal has several different areas of expertise and it will be quite a while before I fill it all in.

I’ve been stung by a wasp am my husband called the EMT’s and today at my doctor visit she even prescribed me an epi pen! I like from when I got stung I took a two benedryl but she’s I couldn’t get a deep breathe, and I felt dizzy my husband said it was time to call the professionals. He took my blood pressure and said it was very low but allergies will cost blood pressure to be low so that answered this question for us or anyone else that needs to know this.

My computer is on the brink of being junk so a new one is on my list. This is the main reason I’ve cut back on blogging some but it won’t be long until I have a new one.

God has poured some blessings on us lately and that’s what life is about learning how to love a generous life. I wanted to write and blog about using my garden journal for another year because it makes me content that I’m able to get this much use out of it. It’s made just like a moleskin and it’s a very well made garden journal well bonded and all. You can find them on Amazon and at any gardening website I’m sure!

Until next time continue enjoying your summer. I am ready for fall. It is my favorite season. Until I blog again God bless!

The 20 Question Book Tag…

The 20 Question Book Tag…

When is clicked on this blog post I had to be a part of this book tag because at 53, yes, I am a bookworm and I enjoy reading on a daily basis so here goes and I hope you enjoy! I look forward to reading your book tags to!

How many books is to many books in a series?

1. It would definitely depend on the author but I read the Virginia River series by Robyn Carr and there were many books in this series and loved it!

2. How do you feel about cliff hangers? I don’t really mind them but give me something to go on please.

3. Hardback or Paperback? I love both but I’m leaning towards hardback for my library at home.

4. Favorite book? A Walk To Remember

5. Least favorite book? Lasher by Anne Rice. I purchased this book and I just couldn’t get it to keep me interested or grab my attention and it’s on my book shelf. Yes, I purchased it. A friends boyfriend went on and on about her but I didn’t see it in this book.

6. Love triangles? I don’t mind them at times I’m a sucker for a good romance novel what can I say!

7. The most recent book you just couldn’t finish? Dangerous Depths by Colleen Cobles she’s a great writer I love her books but let’s just say enough about Bree and I just couldn’t finish the last book in the series.

8. A book your currently reading? The Lying Game by Ruth Ware and The Marriage Challenge by Art Rainer. Yes, at times I read 2 books!

9. Last book you recommended to someone? The Great Alone it was magnificent! I even wrote a review parts 1 and 2 right here on my blog.

10. Oldest book you’ve read? I would have to say Anne of Ingleside by L. M. Montgomery 1939. Who doesn’t love Anne of Greene Gables!

11. Newest book you’ve read? To the Moon and Back by Karen Kingsbury June 2018.

12. Favorite author? Karen Kingsbury

13. Buying books or borrowing? Both!

14. A book you disliked that everyone else seemed to love? Scarlet Feather Mauve Bunchy others raved about this book but it just didn’t keep me interested. Sorry Mauve!

15. Bookmark or dog ears? Oh my bookmark always. Never, never, dog ears!

16. A book you can always re-read? The Holy Bible!

17. Can you read while listening to music? Absolutely not. I like to have complete silence when I read!

18. One POV or Multiple POV = Point of View? The more the merrier.

19. Do you read a book in one sitting? I have read several in one sitting when I have the time but not always.

20. A book you read because of the cover? The Cooking Class by Wanda Braunswetter and it was a great book! I hope I spelled that right!

Who else do you tag? Ill the book worms out there and anyone else who would like to participate! Let’s have some fun and enjoy this!

The Great Alone – Part 2 and Review

The Great Alone – Part 2 and Review

Yes I finished this book the following night and other than what I had to do around my home, laundry, cooking up recipes I was reading and I had my nose in this book. If not for all that I would have never stopped and someone would not been able to pry it away from me.

How the book start out in 1974 but is in to parts and goes into 1978 in the second part and Leni is now 17 years old, and is happy and content living in Alaska and does not ever want to have to leave and the way Kristin Hannah writes about the beauty of Alaska you’ll feel like your there.

Things are falling downhill as they are to sinking deeply into despair or at least this is how there feeling with no way out and Leni’s father despises the Walkers and Matthew is her best friend and is a Walker and she is sneaking and seeing him in secret.

Large Meg who used to be his attorney tells Ernt Leni’s father a story.

Sit down and your lucky we don’t just take you outside and kill you right now and this is after they see what he’s done to Leni’s mother and her condition and black and blue face. She goes onto to tell Ernt Leni’s father “I had a sister and she loved her husband very much but he used to hit her and I called the police one time she begged me not to ever do it again. He ended up taking a hammer to my sister and killed her and he told them she came at him with it. We couldn’t even have an open casket service and he’s out there walking around free. I came up here to get away from all of that and now your here. This is what your going to do! I know about Vietnam and what it’s done to many of our soldiers but your afraid of the dark Ernt aren‘t you? Your going to pack your shit and go north for the winter and work for the pipeline for very good money which your family needs. Ernt says “I can’t leave my family alone”. And of course she replies “I’m moving in pack your shit”.

Things are going so well and out of the blue he comes home one day says he was fired from his job for drinking and promises he wasn’t. They all know he’s lying. Life goes on and continues to worse for Leni’s mother and they know it’s just a matter of time. He’s up in the middle of the night having them pack their bug bags, has Leni taking apart guns and putting them back together. She could do it in her sleep.

Leni is still seeing Matthew and her father wants all to go against the town because he wants it basically to remain like a compound and no new insiders in and no new business when they all won’t side with him he really loses it and has Leni and her mother caged in behind this wall he’s built and that’s when they realize this really is The Great Alone and Leni tells her mother we could leave and they do after he beats her when he’s passes put drink only they wreck the VW van and Mr. Walker saves Leni’s mother for it is the first person Leni runs to for help. Her mother doesn’t press charges and through a night of passion Leni becomes pregnant. She hates her father and won’t even speak to him or talk to him and when she goes home one night tells him and he flies into a rage beating Leni her mother does the only thing she knows to do to protect them and screams

“Not my Leni! She shoots him and kills him and then they put the body on the snow mobile take it out into the wild drill holes in the ice and throw him in. No one will ever know we’ll say he disappeared the think or Leni’s been talked into this by her mother because she always had been and she loves her mother.

Marge tells them they must leave because police, judges, and juries do not feel sorry for battered women and of course they tell Marge that they don’t know where he is that he’s disappeared. They leave Alaska and go to Settle back to her mother’s parents and are living fine had things they have never had. The finest clothes they love Leni’s son and they have a good life until her mother gets sick with cancer and is dying. She writes Leni a letter and tells her to go home to Alaska confessing. What will happen when Leni returns to Alaska with Matthew son?

I don’t want to tell you all of the book there still so much more great reading to do. This book was rated number 1 on amazon. com for best book this year! It’s a sure book you’ll want to read this year! I promise!

Until next time I hope you’ve enjoyed this review!

You can go to here to read reviews at goodreads. com

It’s my favorite book so far this year and yes it’s that great of a read!

I loved this book…