Happy First Day of Fall: Goals For Fall Season…

Happy First Day of Fall: Goals For Fall Season…

Happy First Day of Fall to all!

Well there have been some things I have been unsuccessful at thus far thought our summer here in the country here in KY.

We tried our hand at raising chickens and all were gotten by predators but we do plan to try again in the Spring. I had a mama that had 18 babies and all were gotten by predators. So sad but that’s what we learn to do move on, try again and not give up.

I’m am planning to have several projects going on through out for Fall and Winter.

I want to paint our entire house with my husband and myself being the painters of course.

I have an extra bedroom here in our mobile home and it has a big bay window and the bedroom has no much more light and of course I’m thinking of moving our bedroom in there.

I’m planning to take all decor down off my walls and paint, paint, paint, until our little hearts are content and bring some fresh style into our home.

I’m really leaning towards transitioning into the farm house style and look for our home.

We live in a mobile home on 3 acres and I am in love with all things vintage, farmhouse and old so this should be fun and entertaining to say the least.

I haven’t been writing much I am in need of a new laptop and I will be purchasing one soon. I’ve been researching and reading reviews on this as I want to get the best deal. This is why I haven’t been blogging so much but I plan to get back to it.

I figure it will take me through Fall and Winter to bring this new loom into my home and I will share my journey along the way.

There are several shops here and a vendors mall because I surely won’t be running out buying all things brand new I am a thrifty, frugal shopper after all and I like and enjoy things that have some wear to them and they always look great in my home.

I’m also planning to add some different furniture to our living room. My husband and I have had the same living room suite since we got married years ago. We now have a sectional and I’m thinking a couch and recliner would work just fine for us and honestly I am so tired of this sectional!

I could add a different touch to our kitchen because actually with just my husband and I, we could definitely use a smaller dinette set in our kitchen. I’m thinking and island on wheels well see!

Before I can do any of these things I hope to do through out Fall and Winter the painting has to be done first and then I’ll work on adding a little bit at a time.

I believe I’ve been in a rut and it’s time to get a grasp on ten projects I’ve been so desperately pining about each and every day.

I’ve had a battle with depression over the last few months also. I know I’ve heard it said that this time of year others battle with seasonal depression and I’m trying not to allow it to keep me this way for long.

I’ve read many, many books through out the summer season and many Amish novels to. I have to say I just love their simple way of life!

What are your plans as far as goals or transitioning into Fall and Winter. I always try to change or decor up in some way as the season change even using what I already have at times. Yes, I’ve done this many times in my home and you’d be surprised how easy it is to change the look in your home with what you already have.

This is all I have for now and great day to everyone and thank for stopping by!

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18 thoughts on “Happy First Day of Fall: Goals For Fall Season…

  1. My husband said it was probably a fox, they are mean little boogers and sometimes they will just kill things and leave them. We have foxes up north at Our Little Red House but we don’t have chickens up there. Mostly though, up north, we have a skunk problem…whew does it smell sometimes. Skunks are also annoying little country critters.

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  2. Whoops, forgot to say how sorry I am to hear about your chickens. That would make anyone sad. You also had little babies, that is awful that they are gone. I get attached so easily. We lost one of our chickens the other day. We don’t even know why, there were no markings on her, all the other chickens are fine. My husband thinks maybe something bit her like a scorpion, we don’t know. We do have raccoons in our neighborhood, even foxes have been spotted but again, this chicken had no injury to her body. So weird that even in this city we have raccoons and foxes but we are close to golf courses and their lakes plus the desert mountains all around us.


    1. We plan to try again in Spring we have really cold winters here can hopefully have them in a safer secured home. My neighbor told me it was a fox they were eating his apples. He keeps planting apple trees for some reason their older they don’t use them but yes picked them off one by one. Not giving up well hopefully try again!


    2. I just came across this comment at times I have issues getting into my dashboard. I have a love hate relationship with WordPress. I hope to try again in the Spring I think I’d have to have a coop or fenced in area completely. I’m not sure how Bella would be around them. Well see I hope your enjoying 2019.Blessed day dear and did you see where Kate said farewell to her blog. I hated to see her go I enjoyed her blogs she’s happy on Tube I’m happy for her!


  3. You will have a ton of fun decorating. Don’t forget to look around neighborhoods during garbage pick up days. Some people throw things out that all they need is a little re-make here and there. Our place up north was made from a lot of things we found in city alleys that people were just throwing away, like french doors which run around $700 and up. Free is always better. Check out this older post of mine, you will see old furniture we bought for $20 or less at thrift stores or items people were throwing away or giving away. Check craigslist too.https://ourlittleredhouseblog.wordpress.com/2018/03/15/road-trip-time/


    1. I’m trying to load this post I want to read it I’m in my bedroom watching Life Below Zero National Geographic show nuts in in apps on my Roku you can really learn alot from this show but I want to redo so many things in my house and go Farmhouse and it has to be done cheap because I’m on fixed income and my husband has a low paying job but I’ll get there I’m always checking Marketplace on FBI. I found 2 primitive kitchen chairs I hope to get the beginning of the month had so many bills this month playing catch up but we’re so much better now. They don’t seem to list on Craig’s list here I don’t know why. I’ll be getting you know what I find in my blogs. I’ve got a couple new hobbies I’ll surprise you and blog about it. Great day my friend and WordPress refuses to let me change my web address I think I should stick with beehumblewithme@gmail.com before someone snatches it but my WordPress account is journeywithvicky.wordpress.com and I just made my tagline my journey a house wife lots of info hug. You get so much more you can do with a domain it’s cheap for a while year but I just can’t go there right now. I’ll shut up now!😂


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