It’s a dogs life…

It’s a dogs life…

He was napping here taking it Eazy he’s still a baby and my other dog Stubs continues to growl every time Eazy gets near him he growls and I hope they make friends or brothers soon!

We have church in the morning and my son will be here. He wanted the dog but I’m keeping him no matter what. At times my son had been known to move around and live with room mates or live with friends and even travel so Eazy will have a good life here with all of us.

This is the litter of all of them and I thought the back and white puppies were so cute even though all of them were adorable!

A lady from my church Gabe me this dog. He’s S bulldog and I knew hell get nice and plump here in the Garland farm! He’s so lovable and I’m so happy to have him in our home and I thought I would share some more pictures. A dog really is a man’s best friend!

What a cute face!

Our New Addition…

Our New Addition…

I hope everyone is having a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving weekend!

This is our newest member of the family and he’s a bulldog and so loveable.

As I’m in the progress of writing in my blog yes, I took a break but my phone will let me in and my desktop won’t so as I figure this out bare with me and have a great weekend !

I just had to share about our new dog!