Home Sweet Home…

Home Sweet Home…

We made a big move in April and it was a challenging transition but we did and it’s done.

My husband and I separated so my oldest son and I moved back to Northern Ky. Where I lived my entire life and where my children were raised also.

As for my husband I, after 6 years I just believe we have grown apart and no longer want the same things in life. I wish him all the best and I’m happy to be home!

Nice new cozy living room and I love our new home!

I’m not entirely done with my decorating. Let’s just say I’m taking my time!

My kitchen at home…

I love the window and being able to look out of while washing dishes. No dishwasher here. It’s my therapeutic time of the day morning or night!

Bella is right at home as you can see she likes to visit me when I’m doing dishes or cleaning the kitchen.

The move was tough on Bella. Well the actual ride she was scared the entire way as I just held her and reassured her that Mama was here and everything would be just fine and you’ll love your new home Baby!

I had told my son this move is going to traumatize my dogs! But all is well their home and happy!

Hi I’m Bella!

Hi, I’m Stubs…

Hi I’m Bella & This is my bone!
Napping again told you I love my naps!
Still love my naps…
Stubs gets to have daily walks now! Bella to but, she likes the inside at

Home Sweet Home here!

Love my kitchen!

Thanks for stopping by I’ll have many more blogs coming up!

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