What’s On Your Screensaver Tag…

What’s On Your Screensaver Tag…

I thought this would be a fun blog for summer, as I was looking at my screensaver, and I realized how much I really do use whats most important on a daily basis!

1. Phone – used on a daily basis.

2. Text – used on a daily basis and I’ll get texts ti pick up meds, etc.

3. Camera – Of course to take photos. All of mt photos for my blog and social media, memories are taken with my LG Aristo phone.

4. Google Chrome – I’m always reading online amd researching, reading a book or listening or general reading of many subjects.

5. Google – Everything! Mail, Utube, Google Drive, Google Photos, Google Maps! I’m sure I left one out!

6. Facebook – is a great way for me to preserve memories with my family and kids. I have photos from many years ago and I hope to always have them. I read mant different articles here to and alsi get great book reccomendations.

7. Quick Memo – I don’t use this every day but I will jot down notes from time to time and I like having it accessible for when I do need to use it.

8. My metro – its all about the phone, bill pay, customer service, etc. You get it I’m sure!

9. Facebook camera- If I want to send a photo right to Face book I can.

10. Settings – I definitiely want this accessible I seem to have to use on a daiky basis for something.

11. Kobo – I’m using Walamart audible and tiy have to use this app. For 8.99 verses 14.99 I’ll use Walmart audio. I’ve used Audible and honestly I dont think it’s that great of a deal.

12. Playstore – Where all apps come from and at times I do switch up. I need to re-add my Kroger app.

13.Calculator – Hey I like it close by if I need to just do the math real quick.

14. Gallery – Storage for all photos!

15.Calender – I have to have it I use it alot and I can log appointments etc.

16. Messenger – I do communicate with my children and friends at times on this app or if you want to message someone privately its a great tool and app.

17. Direct Express – Its all about the finances.

18. Word press – If I want to read blogs or write a quick blog from my phone I can. It helps me to keep track of all things blog!

19. Amazon Shopping – I do have Prime and I di ship on amazon.com at least monthly for something.

20. Instagram – I like this app because its photos only and can be used quickly plus I follow so many great blog on this app.

& 21. Goodreads – It will not fit on my screensaver Goodreads is how I keep track of my reading for the most part.I use all these apps just about daily or most days.I would love if you participate and I tag whom ever would like to participate! I hope that I will have some takers you may have an app I haven’t tried and would love to!Have a great week…

We fed the ducks today!

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