When We Have Monumental Days!

When We Have Monumental Days!

It makes us happy!

Hello to everyone and I’ve been busy!

Today has been a monumental day for us you see!

When we moved here we had been living 250 miles away from here for 6 years and what I worried about the most was traumatizing our dogs Bella & Stubs!

Bella shook the entire way on the U-haul! I would get her calmed down but she would still be shaking some.

She was used to being on 3 acres on land and the moved worried me because of our dogs adjusting and Bella wanted to have no part of going outside she would run and hide under the bed when we got her leash out.

Well, we decided to try today and got her leash out and she didn’t hide!

So we decided to put it on her and she was getting anxious so I put Stubs leash on! Stubs is always ready and down the steps we went.

Our morning walk was a success!

This evening we decided to take them for another walk and, I’m happy to report Bella was a champ all the around the block and home!

Now I’m happy to report this will be a part of ours evening and ours and I am so happy about this! I want my dogs to be happy along with eating right and getting the exercise they need!

I am so happy for Bella! We love our dogs so much and their family!

Now for the even better stuff!

What’s been keeping me busy? Well, I have been teaching myself to crochet from watching U-tube and knitting is next but I told a friend today over at: one of my favorite blogs that I would show her what I was working on and I am loving the granny square I have stocked up on yarn and I’ve joined 2 crochet clubs for which they send you your needle, yarn and pattern and it’s such a good deal!

I will write more about this later and crochet but, I wanted to share my work so far and let readers know just how much this has become a part of my life and adult routine and U enjoy it so much!

Have a wonderful night and a great weekend!

I’ll leave photos here at the bottom of this blog!

Now I’ll show my granny square Afghan, throw or blanket I haven’t decided yet.

I had to throw one here of Bella Bella our big happy girl today!

That’s my crochet case with all of my needles on top and I will write a blog and show all of my accessories with some great links to go to and read or shop!

I have plenty to crochet the week, month or year away!

Thanks for stopping by! Please come again!

Please feel to stop by my blog again!

I’ll be here enjoying my crafts & crochet and reading all the great novels a d snuggling with my 2 dogs with a hot cup of coffee always!

Until next time, Bee…

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