When We Have Monumental Days!

When We Have Monumental Days!

It makes us happy!

Hello to everyone and I’ve been busy!

Today has been a monumental day for us you see!

When we moved here we had been living 250 miles away from here for 6 years and what I worried about the most was traumatizing our dogs Bella & Stubs!

Bella shook the entire way on the U-haul! I would get her calmed down but she would still be shaking some.

She was used to being on 3 acres on land and the moved worried me because of our dogs adjusting and Bella wanted to have no part of going outside she would run and hide under the bed when we got her leash out.

Well, we decided to try today and got her leash out and she didn’t hide!

So we decided to put it on her and she was getting anxious so I put Stubs leash on! Stubs is always ready and down the steps we went.

Our morning walk was a success!

This evening we decided to take them for another walk and, I’m happy to report Bella was a champ all the around the block and home!

Now I’m happy to report this will be a part of ours evening and ours and I am so happy about this! I want my dogs to be happy along with eating right and getting the exercise they need!

I am so happy for Bella! We love our dogs so much and their family!

Now for the even better stuff!

What’s been keeping me busy? Well, I have been teaching myself to crochet from watching U-tube and knitting is next but I told a friend today over at: one of my favorite blogs that I would show her what I was working on and I am loving the granny square I have stocked up on yarn and I’ve joined 2 crochet clubs for which they send you your needle, yarn and pattern and it’s such a good deal!

I will write more about this later and crochet but, I wanted to share my work so far and let readers know just how much this has become a part of my life and adult routine and U enjoy it so much!

Have a wonderful night and a great weekend!

I’ll leave photos here at the bottom of this blog!

Now I’ll show my granny square Afghan, throw or blanket I haven’t decided yet.

I had to throw one here of Bella Bella our big happy girl today!

That’s my crochet case with all of my needles on top and I will write a blog and show all of my accessories with some great links to go to and read or shop!

I have plenty to crochet the week, month or year away!

Thanks for stopping by! Please come again!

Please feel to stop by my blog again!

I’ll be here enjoying my crafts & crochet and reading all the great novels a d snuggling with my 2 dogs with a hot cup of coffee always!

Until next time, Bee…

What’s On My June TBR Summer Reading List…

What’s On My June TBR Summer Reading List…

This is a book that is so well written and interesting that I read and I got it from one of those little tree house or corner libraries at my church that says: Borrow a Book!

It is called The Bookshop On The Corner By Author Jenny Colgan and I had never read any of her work but any novel about a bookstore one of my favorite places will pull me right in.

She’s a librarian and their switching over to all things technology and she loses her job after many years. She decides to leave the town she lives where she goes and looks at this vendor bus to purchase and she turns it into a mobile bookshop and stays in the village where she purchased the bus where she meets a mysterious man that is in charge of the train in the  that comes through where he leaves her mysterious poetry and beautifully written books to fill her days.

She has a hard time with her landlord but they kind of grow on each other and she makes many great friends. It’s such a great summer read! I don’t want to give away everything in this book I just about read it in one sitting it was that good! This is just a great read that I read and I wanted to tell you about and maybe you would like to put it on your TBR List!


This is a book that is on my list because I enjoy reading any book that makes my home and family run easier and I am intrigued by this book!

The Housewife's Guide to Frugal Food: How to Eat for $10.00 per Week by [Bontrager, Bethany]

This book is also on my lists for ways to save conserve and be more frugal! I was on Kate Singhs blog Coffee With Kate and she had blogged about how she is dedicating herself to read this and I dedicate myself to read this to! I find these books interesting and useful for my home personal and family life.


This is a memoir that is very highly rated and I’ve heard so much about all that she perseveres through it should be a satisfying read!


Furious Hours: Murder, Fraud, and the Last Trial of Harper Lee

I think this new read by Harper Lee will be a smashing success!


This is my BOTM choice from Book of the Month Club for May. It set in war and over 500 pages and I think it will be a delightful read!


I have read The Great Alone by author Kristin Hannah rated the best book on amazon.com 2018. It’s about a young girl, her family doesn’t have much, her father a Vietnam vet inherits land from a man he was in the military with and they up and move to Alaska where they learn the true meaning of survival and how much strength it takes to survive here. They spend their summers preparing for winter but Lenni I think that’s her name endures so much more but truly grows to love Alaska!  Things go wrong and she must make decisons she’ll regret and decisions that will change the course of her life forever. It’s a 5 star read and my book club Literary Alliance is reading it in July and I can not wait to read it again. I did an add-on with BOTM. Yes! It was on there and this is a book I wanted on my shelf and wanted to own after all for 9.99 verses 35.00 ay Krogers. BOTM is a great deal for hardback books for 14.99.

This is my BOTM Choice for June! It says it will wreck you so we will see! I think it will be a great read!


I’m still reading this I got sidetracked but it really is well written and it goes back to the time of around 1950 and tells how they met dated and are where they are. I am enjoying it. It’s worth reading!

The Rest of the Story by [Dessen, Sarah]


This si my choice for audio through walmart.com whic is a much better deal than Audible for 9.99 and have great reads! 

This is her 14th YA book and this young girl doesnt remember her mother but does remember stories she’s told her and it is now her and her father but when she has to go and spend time with her mothers family she sees her father and her mother in her and has to decide who she really is. I would like to read this book in hand to! It’s a story about families as the author states and families we are born into and families we make.

There you have it here are some of my dynamic reads. I am still reading the Court of Thorns and Roses I am enjoying this series and taking time to enjoy it!

Books that are on my list:

George R. R. Martin's A Game of Thrones 5-Book Boxed Set (Song of Ice and Fire Series): A Game of Thrones, A Clash of Kings, A Storm of Swords, A Feast for Crows, and A Dance with Dragons by [Martin, George R. R.]

This is so on my list!

Norwegian Wood (Vintage International)

This is a coming of age story that I want to read!


The Trouble with Goats and Sheep: A Novel by [Cannon, Joanna]


I came across this author really just reading book reviews and I think Ill enjoy her writing and her work from what I’ve read so I added this to my TBR list.

Have a great week and please post your TBR list and I can be able to get some great book recommendations!


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What’s On Your Screensaver Tag…

What’s On Your Screensaver Tag…

I thought this would be a fun blog for summer, as I was looking at my screensaver, and I realized how much I really do use whats most important on a daily basis!

1. Phone – used on a daily basis.

2. Text – used on a daily basis and I’ll get texts ti pick up meds, etc.

3. Camera – Of course to take photos. All of mt photos for my blog and social media, memories are taken with my LG Aristo phone.

4. Google Chrome – I’m always reading online amd researching, reading a book or listening or general reading of many subjects.

5. Google – Everything! Mail, Utube, Google Drive, Google Photos, Google Maps! I’m sure I left one out!

6. Facebook – is a great way for me to preserve memories with my family and kids. I have photos from many years ago and I hope to always have them. I read mant different articles here to and alsi get great book reccomendations.

7. Quick Memo – I don’t use this every day but I will jot down notes from time to time and I like having it accessible for when I do need to use it.

8. My metro – its all about the phone, bill pay, customer service, etc. You get it I’m sure!

9. Facebook camera- If I want to send a photo right to Face book I can.

10. Settings – I definitiely want this accessible I seem to have to use on a daiky basis for something.

11. Kobo – I’m using Walamart audible and tiy have to use this app. For 8.99 verses 14.99 I’ll use Walmart audio. I’ve used Audible and honestly I dont think it’s that great of a deal.

12. Playstore – Where all apps come from and at times I do switch up. I need to re-add my Kroger app.

13.Calculator – Hey I like it close by if I need to just do the math real quick.

14. Gallery – Storage for all photos!

15.Calender – I have to have it I use it alot and I can log appointments etc.

16. Messenger – I do communicate with my children and friends at times on this app or if you want to message someone privately its a great tool and app.

17. Direct Express – Its all about the finances.

18. Word press – If I want to read blogs or write a quick blog from my phone I can. It helps me to keep track of all things blog!

19. Amazon Shopping – I do have Prime and I di ship on amazon.com at least monthly for something.

20. Instagram – I like this app because its photos only and can be used quickly plus I follow so many great blog on this app.

& 21. Goodreads – It will not fit on my screensaver Goodreads is how I keep track of my reading for the most part.I use all these apps just about daily or most days.I would love if you participate and I tag whom ever would like to participate! I hope that I will have some takers you may have an app I haven’t tried and would love to!Have a great week…

We fed the ducks today!

Home Sweet Home…

Home Sweet Home…

We made a big move in April and it was a challenging transition but we did and it’s done.

My husband and I separated so my oldest son and I moved back to Northern Ky. Where I lived my entire life and where my children were raised also.

As for my husband I, after 6 years I just believe we have grown apart and no longer want the same things in life. I wish him all the best and I’m happy to be home!

Nice new cozy living room and I love our new home!

I’m not entirely done with my decorating. Let’s just say I’m taking my time!

My kitchen at home…

I love the window and being able to look out of while washing dishes. No dishwasher here. It’s my therapeutic time of the day morning or night!

Bella is right at home as you can see she likes to visit me when I’m doing dishes or cleaning the kitchen.

The move was tough on Bella. Well the actual ride she was scared the entire way as I just held her and reassured her that Mama was here and everything would be just fine and you’ll love your new home Baby!

I had told my son this move is going to traumatize my dogs! But all is well their home and happy!

Hi I’m Bella!

Hi, I’m Stubs…

Hi I’m Bella & This is my bone!
Napping again told you I love my naps!
Still love my naps…
Stubs gets to have daily walks now! Bella to but, she likes the inside at

Home Sweet Home here!

Love my kitchen!

Thanks for stopping by I’ll have many more blogs coming up!

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In Memory of Memorial Day & Our Parade Today…

In Memory of Memorial Day & Our Parade Today…

To all that serve daily to profect us and our families we thank you!

Happy Memorial Day!

Where we served cheese coneys at: Dixie Chili as the parade went by and before. Families wanted to have lunch before the parade!

Every year on this city where I’m from born and raised and we just moved back here April 1st, we have a Memorial Day Parade and it’s fun to sit on the sides of the streets see all the families and everyone throws candy out for the kids to collect their candy. The kids always have a nice nice bag for collecting their candy. They throw it out and all the kids run to catch the candy or pick it up!

A very old fire truck!

The officers that protect this city daily!

Another fire truck!

The children waiting to catch candy!

Look at the end of the nice corvette in the parade!

Another fire truck!

All the people that came out to see the parade!

Every Day In May…

Every Day In May…

Hi to all my readers and yes, it’s been a while since I have written and posted a blog but I just went through a huge transitioned and moved and I’ve been trying to get my house unpacked all decorated and just the way I like it. Our home is our haven and it should be completely comfortable and we should love to be in our homes. All of this is many more blog posts and there will be many more blogs to come in the future because I love my new home and everything about it. Moving on I want to tell you why I’m writing this blog and I’m so excited about it!

There is a blog I read by Harper Grae and I just love her blog! She blogs about book hauls, unboxing, TBR list, what she plans to read. I am an avid reader and I just love and enjoy her blog. Were bookworms together!

Image is from Harper Grae’s blog and I hope you’ll visit her blog!


She suggested that we do Every Day In May and write a blog post every day and as you can see it’s May 11th and I failed some and I own it but, here I am and for me, it is about accountability and I thought it was a great idea! I think all writers and bloggers at times need a push or a nudge to write and what better way. At times I know that I’ll have trouble with thoughts and what to write. I keep a clipboard and ink pen always on my night stand. It may seem weird to others but thoughts come to me and night and I’ll grab my pen and clipboard and begin writing away.

I love technology but I still today am in love with putting pen to paper. I probably own more ink pens than anyone I know in this area. Usually, if the pen doesn’t glide across the page, let’s just say a pen has to write a certain way.

I went on and on enough about writing, ink pens, blogging, planning for it and all that goes along with all we write and do on our blogs! I love the blogging community! Were all so kind and willing to lend a hand or give advice or just be a great friend and I hope you’ll join along for Every Day In May and we can learn about each other and see what’s going and what we are involved in or what’s coming up in May!

I didn’t intend for this blog to be short or it seems short but, I did have to do some maintenance when I logged on. We as bloggers always want things to be better and there is always a reason to smile! Have a great weekend…

Next blog post: I’ll be telling you all about my new home and I’ll have photos to and I hope you will visit again…

Join along for the fun!

Moleskins are great to!



below photo created at canva.com



Every Day In May
Every Day In May Hosted By: Harper Grae

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Another Day in Paradise…

Another Day in Paradise…

Being able to stay home and take care of my family daily is a task I’ve enjoyed the entire duration for as long as I can remember and I even enjoyed it when my children were younger. I  have been blessed even when I lived on very low income and it can be done at times I just had to make sacrifices as to what’s more important than the other or as to when. I can honestly say I live and have a very full filling life today and God and my faiths have been a huge part of this.


I’m proud to call myself the the homemaker of my home and such. In other words I do it all and enjoy it. I take care of my home and do all things domestic and at times otherwise or when it’s needed, sew and read all types of very interesting books.  My two favorite hobbies are reading and sewing and yes reading had t come first. I am a bookworm! What would the world be like without books? I couldn’t even imagine.  and there is never a time I don’t have a bookmark in a book, or two or three, here in my home. This is one bookshelf and I currently have books stored in the bottom of a desk that I’m slowly but surely turning into a book case or when I find the right book case or thrift find, of course, I will invest in  it and add it to my home. I know, I know, the big Kon Marie going on it’s the biggest new thing when it comes to decluttering but sorry books are one thing I want to keep and purchase more of! Hopefully one day I’ll have a new library and I’m working on my book selection here looking much better than it does believe me!

My Journey As A Housewife Photos 294

But first, this room has been my catch all while I declutter all through the house because Spring is coming fast and I want to be ready. It’s just ordered a  common thing that has to be and I can’t live without. What haven’t I decluttered and I believe I’m just about there:

Yes, I know it’s been quite the tasks allow me to make that plural and it’s probably overwhelming just seeing the photos here.

I had a coat closet off from my kitchen that I really needed the use of if you recall last year it was my cleaning closet. I decided after I read a blog post about POU, point of use that I could move all of my cleaning supplies to the hall closet and I could finally move the towels that had been under the bathroom cabinet since this place was purchased and  this place along with all the other accessories that were crammed in there I could finally move them to the hall closet like I have been wanting to do forever. I wish I could remember the blogger and blog post but right now I don’t. I do like to give credit where credit is doing.

I tackled my bedroom closet and I knew it was going to be a dreaded chore. It had been for a while but, I have to prepare for Spring and Summer coming behind it and as I worked on all of it a little each day it has all come together. I just shared the photos all together and I hope it’s not too confusing.  Id live in a mobile home, it’s an older one nothing to fancy but I loved older and antique anything! And I want to get my sewing machine up and going but that’s an entirely different blog post. It works fine I just haven’t used it for a while. We’ll move on and I will tell you about my latest hobbies!

As I said I’m sewing or reading and these are the projects I’ve chosen to work on for a while and they’ll keep me content and busy!

My Journey As A Housewife Photos 110

I picked up Reese Wither spoon’s Whiskey in a Teacup, her new book and it’s been a really interesting read. My favorite chapter is the chapter she writes about hot rollers and no spoiler alerts you’ll just have to read the book and I don’t want to spoil it for you. It’s such a nice book to just curl up one evening with and have a hot tea or coffee and binge read even though I haven’t had the time, I would love to.

It’s such a pretty book inside and out and Reese also writes about her family and growing up in Tennessee. It comes with recipes from her grandmother that I can’t believe she shared and I’m definitely trying her grandmother’s sun tea!

As far as my sewing projects I’ve chosen a few. I ordered a small needlepoint just for practice because I have a Thomas Kincaid cross stitch I picked up that I’m excited about starting on. Since I haven’t done cross stitch or embroidery for a while I am using this one for practice. I will probably be working on my cross stitch quilt and my Thomas Kincaid both at the same time. I can’t wait to see how my quilt turns out either. I will show you my pattern though.

These are what I’ll be having fun with and enjoying working on. The tool is an auger if I spelled that right. It’s a hand made antique drill and I saw it and thought it to be a unique piece. It would really look nice hanging somewhere even if hanging in my garden area. Just a thought who knows.  The dear sewing machine I have neglected to use. but I hope to be using it soon. I want to attempt to make some house dresses and other clothing in time. They would be absolutely cool and comfortable for Spring or Summer.

If your a blog reader as I am and you sew I have found a website I have been reading at daily and it’s called:

Needle 'n Thread

You can read all you like here! Believe me, when I offer this advice to you, she has all you’ll ever need when it comes to any type of sewing.

What I’ll be reading is our Literary Alliance book club is planning to read The Tattooist of Auschwitz we start it March 1st in our book club.

Image result for the tattooist of Auschwitz

Other reads I have on my TBR list:

Image result for the secret orphan

Image result for the beekeepers promise

Image result for the world of cross stitching

I love and enjoy this magazine and they have a sale right now on their subscription.

This is all I have I know it’s been a little while since I have written a blog as I’ve been quite busy! Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful full filling week and please visit again. Feel free to leave a comment or email anytime and let me know the name or title of your blog or website and I would love to visit and enjoy. I read many blogs. This is usually what I’m spending time doing in the afternoons is reading a book or the blogs I visit on a regular basis and I would love to add yours to my list. I’m always interested in finding new blogs to read. In the blogging community were here to support each other and share much love after all…

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