When We Have Monumental Days!

When We Have Monumental Days!

It makes us happy!

Hello to everyone and I’ve been busy!

Today has been a monumental day for us you see!

When we moved here we had been living 250 miles away from here for 6 years and what I worried about the most was traumatizing our dogs Bella & Stubs!

Bella shook the entire way on the U-haul! I would get her calmed down but she would still be shaking some.

She was used to being on 3 acres on land and the moved worried me because of our dogs adjusting and Bella wanted to have no part of going outside she would run and hide under the bed when we got her leash out.

Well, we decided to try today and got her leash out and she didn’t hide!

So we decided to put it on her and she was getting anxious so I put Stubs leash on! Stubs is always ready and down the steps we went.

Our morning walk was a success!

This evening we decided to take them for another walk and, I’m happy to report Bella was a champ all the around the block and home!

Now I’m happy to report this will be a part of ours evening and ours and I am so happy about this! I want my dogs to be happy along with eating right and getting the exercise they need!

I am so happy for Bella! We love our dogs so much and their family!

Now for the even better stuff!

What’s been keeping me busy? Well, I have been teaching myself to crochet from watching U-tube and knitting is next but I told a friend today over at: one of my favorite blogs that I would show her what I was working on and I am loving the granny square I have stocked up on yarn and I’ve joined 2 crochet clubs for which they send you your needle, yarn and pattern and it’s such a good deal!

I will write more about this later and crochet but, I wanted to share my work so far and let readers know just how much this has become a part of my life and adult routine and U enjoy it so much!

Have a wonderful night and a great weekend!

I’ll leave photos here at the bottom of this blog!

Now I’ll show my granny square Afghan, throw or blanket I haven’t decided yet.

I had to throw one here of Bella Bella our big happy girl today!

That’s my crochet case with all of my needles on top and I will write a blog and show all of my accessories with some great links to go to and read or shop!

I have plenty to crochet the week, month or year away!

Thanks for stopping by! Please come again!

Please feel to stop by my blog again!

I’ll be here enjoying my crafts & crochet and reading all the great novels a d snuggling with my 2 dogs with a hot cup of coffee always!

Until next time, Bee…

Bee Humble With Me … Again… Jan. Is Gone Hello Feb.

Bee Humble With Me … Again… Jan. Is Gone Hello Feb.

It seems I have to stay with beehumblewithme.com during:

My Journey as Housewife..

It’s where my blog originated from and I can’t still enjoy and follow my journey as well as others in:

My Journey as a Housewife!

I do hope you’ll still follow along. I originally wanted the word humble. in the name of my blog because of course I want and hope to humble others by my writing, what I do each day, the great books I read and walking through every day life as strong, empowering woman.

Great Books I’ve been reading.

Court of Thorns and Roses series

Another good I picked up for bedtime and bedside reading. I’m anxious to see what she has to say about the south!

Whiskey in a Teacup book

My favorite on Netflix has been what can say scintilla please!

Anne and Bell her love in a horse
Great pic of Anne then them songs start

Anne with an E and what a fabulous show!

Around the house I’ve declutter and moved things around and made my original coat closet from a cleaning closet to a coat closet and cleaned out my hall closet and stashed it with fresh towels, cleaning supplies and a very special placement for my cast iron skillets! It turned out fabulous, of course I have quite a few boxes to move to the pit building. Plenty of time it’s winter.

And of course all is well at home days I have when I just want to curl up with S book and then again I have days where I can’t get enough cleanliness and organizing in. I have yet to watch Linnaeus on Netflix because if there is anything I want my home to reflect it’s Joy! As she has started. More than like I’ll be pitching several things. I see a yard sale coming in the Spring. Do other feel like I do? I have so much! I want to and can be happy living with less! I’ll be on a roll.

My new Netflix favorite is Life Below Zero! It’s pretty amazing how these people live and a person could really learn so much. My husband and I love it! Yes we are still happily married! Joined by my son which makes me so happy!

My makeover cleaning closet
Hall closet makeover
Hall closet make over
My hall closet

All the family in my home seemed to want to hang there coats all over or on my kitchen chairs so I’m hoping this does the trick! I thought about a coat rack my the door but why when I have a perfectly use able coat closet that had been being utilized for a while for my cleaning closet it all worked out and I am very pleased even though I procrastinated about it for some time. Don’t we all do that?

Our Pets Stubs and Bella

Bella and Stubs are still happy as ever in the family! Bella is growing like a weed. Potty training well let’s just say it will come in time because at times she misses. They eat well and that makes for happiness for our fur babies. They’ll be even happier tomorrow when their chewy. come box arrives.

Bella is getting a new collar I can’t seem to find one big enough to fit her, a bed for her, a bed for stubs, next, some rest flavored bones, and a big hug of tasty treats! One thing at a time right. Stubs sleep with my son Bella with us but I’m hoping they’ll like there beds. Bella is going to get much bigger. Their both such great dogs for family.

Projects or hobby’s

I’m looking into starting needlepoint when I purchase supplies. I think I’ll really enjoy it.

My husband is planning to saw down trees and start and eventually built us a fence.

It really is Delicious!

New reading glasses so cool and love the colors! I read all the time. Had to have them!

Seasoned to perfection!

All in all life is grand!

My soon to be clock when I order! We got plans here in this home I love this kitchen scale from ltd. commodities.com and their cheap with great prices!

Stubs and Bella playtime…

Have a happy week!

Read many great books!

Pre-Historic Towns: Near or Where We Live…

Pre-Historic Towns: Near or Where We Live…

I had an old friend call me yesterday and ask me if I wanted to have lunch or the way she put it was “would you like to go have a steak with me”? She’s a lovely lady a little older than me and its always great conversation with her. I missed church but we had a lovely time!

The first stop stop was for lunch at “The Whistle Stop Cafe” and if your not familiar with the movie Fried Green Tomatoes this is where the name of the restaurant came from I’m more than sure.

This is the inside of Whistle Stop Cafe AMD it was late, late, in the day almost dinner time so they weren’t crowded at all. There was just one other table there. They had photos all across the wall and I took a walk around The Whistle Stop and had a look at then while my friend finished her lunch. I had a Ceaser salad, sirloin and loaded baked potatoes and it was heaven! I told my husband we’ll have to go there and I had never been I told my friend.

Here’s our late lunch! Yum and I don’t have steak often. My husbands a huge meat eater. I could live on vegetables.

There were photos of the coal mine when it was open here and I wish I had taken photos for you to see bit when I went for my walk around the restaurant I left my phone on the table. The were pretty amazing! There has been talk and newspaper articles here about reopening the mines Her but I don’t know if they ever will reopen.

This is inside the train depot here in Stearns, Ky. My husband and I live in Whitley City but it’s not far at all. Maybe 15 minutes or less. Stearns has a train anyone can ride and see all of historic Stearns, KY. Here and it takes you all the way through and around prehistoric Stearns, KY. And people are able to see all the prehistoric scenery and buildings that Stearns had managed to preserve.

These are down of the buildings they’ve manged to preserve here for history and they also have a museum here others can visit Mcreary County Museum and it let’s others know all about Mcreary County here.

This is a dress shop and other clothing here in Stearns called Choo Choo’s. I thought these were fantastic and honestly I wish more clothing and attire was like this to date. I love these dresses and clothing. I plan to go back sometime and shop and I’m sure I can find some comfortable clothing for a housewife.

The brown building here is where we have The Vendors Mall. It’s funny of booths and a person can find really great deals here and I do have decor here in my home I have purchased here.

It’s pretty amazing how they’ve managed to preserve all this here. Stearns I’d in the national prehistoric registry and I believe the heritage foundation.

I hope you’ve enjoyed all I’ve shown you here on the blog and written about today and if you are ever in the eastern Ky. Area it would be a wonderful place for the family to stop and visit and we also have huge South Fork park here. I’ll try and write a blog about South Fork sometime when after I get photos. The history of a town and preserving it is always so interesting to me.

Have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by the blog today!


Feeding The Birds and All God’s Creatures…

Feeding The Birds and All God’s Creatures…

But not bears I say! Let’s not leave food outside and draw bears near to our homes. It’s that time of year and here in Whitley City, KY. On year a bear was eating out of the dumpster at KFC here and having quite the meal as I’m sure he was happy.

Last year I had put out a really nice bird feeder that 6 or 8 birds could perch in and eat from but the squirrels time and time again would have a feast and swing on it as well. Each time I saw it laying in the yard I would go out into the yard and hang it again never becoming upset because I know squirrels have to eat to

This year I haven’t had a chance to go and pick up any bird feeders as I had been laying the bird feed on a shelf like stand I guess you could say in order for the birds to be able to eat.

I decided today I was going to make a bird feeder as I had saw it done before with water or soda bottles. I just used a 2 liter soda bottle and cut it down.

The Supplies Needed That I Used:


Soda or Water Bottle

Scissors scrapbook or regular scissors

Hole Punch

Twigs or Sticks to fit for birds to perch

Trim it down with scissors to desired size. Then I punched the holes around the outside for me to be abe to run the twigs and sticks through the wholes. I also wrapped it around the twigs for a sturdier hang when hanging on the tree. I placed a piece of a stirofoam on the bottom bit you could use a plastic saucer, plate or lid in order to have a place for the birdseed to fall into and rest. There you have it and now the birds can eat and be satisfied end it’s nice for us to be able to see the different color birds we attract here. I also hung out my. 99 cent hummingbird feeder I’ve had for years and I definitely need to upcycle this one or just purchase a new one period.

I’m just happy I can feed the birds better now. It’s a simple project and children would enjoy it.

Sorry I haven’t written any blogs lately. I’ve been working many hours, taking care of my home, and and chickens.

I have a broody one and 8 pray these babies live. The last ones were duds and it was as if she knew. She came up out of the chicken house one day and left them. My husband did find a dead one and I just got rid of the other eggs.

She came out today to eat and played for a little bit and returned to her eggs. Brave our rooster was being contrary and I scolded him and told him to be nice but our chickens seem happy. Well see if these baby chickens live I sure hope so!

Have a great weekend and leave plenty of water outside this year it’s humid and very hot…

Using What I Already Have…

Using What I Already Have…

I decided to go outside this evening after I mixed up a pasta salad and added some Parmesan cheese for me to have for dinner since my husband is working his other job tonight to give the chickens a little feed and I let them out to cluck around the yard for a little while before the sun goes down and look at these eggs. Always pleased with this.

I had noticed that the birds little perch had come loose from the tree and when I picked it up it was split in the middle on the bottom where they would have to perch and eat.

With a hammer and some duct tape I was able to repair it and nail it back to our tree in the front yard with success and now the birds can eat again.

We hope to make and plant flower boxes for the top of the mailbox and package center my husband built last year but for now  the top can work well for the birds to be able to eat. I always enjoy feeding them each year and watching the different colored birds come and go each year.

This works just fine for now and I enjoy feeding the hummingbirds to each year but until I make a feeder or get out to pick one up for these little fellas this will due for the birds for now.

I always enjoy the tire swing in the front yard hanging off off the tree each spring and summer or every season for that matter. The birds will enjoy this for now.

The squirrels destroyed my feeders last year and I think the whole family came and ate last year. There replaceable and they all have to eat. Squirrels get hungry to.

Yesterday I did a lot of Spring cleaning. I have a blog post coming up about spring cleaning and such.

I don’t plan to wear myself out and I’m learning to enjoy the process of it as well as enjoy the sunshine, the fresh air, and the smell of the sweet apple trees in bloom. This evening I’m just taking it easy with some note taking and well needed reading time.

When you dive into your spring cleaning or if you already have, enjoy it as you do a little each time or a little each day. Make it fun and enjoyable for you with music, a podcast or an audio book.  No rush as we need to take care of us to and have a schedule and plan it out or even plan as we go.

No rush for me and I’m having an evening coffee and it’s quiet around here this evening so this is the best time for a great book, article, or to read anything that’s beneficial.

Until next time I hope your enjoying the sunshine because I sure am. It has finally warmed up here in Ky. And I’ve been looking forward to this. Enjoy it…