What’s On Your Screensaver Tag…

What’s On Your Screensaver Tag…

I thought this would be a fun blog for summer, as I was looking at my screensaver, and I realized how much I really do use whats most important on a daily basis!

1. Phone – used on a daily basis.

2. Text – used on a daily basis and I’ll get texts ti pick up meds, etc.

3. Camera – Of course to take photos. All of mt photos for my blog and social media, memories are taken with my LG Aristo phone.

4. Google Chrome – I’m always reading online amd researching, reading a book or listening or general reading of many subjects.

5. Google – Everything! Mail, Utube, Google Drive, Google Photos, Google Maps! I’m sure I left one out!

6. Facebook – is a great way for me to preserve memories with my family and kids. I have photos from many years ago and I hope to always have them. I read mant different articles here to and alsi get great book reccomendations.

7. Quick Memo – I don’t use this every day but I will jot down notes from time to time and I like having it accessible for when I do need to use it.

8. My metro – its all about the phone, bill pay, customer service, etc. You get it I’m sure!

9. Facebook camera- If I want to send a photo right to Face book I can.

10. Settings – I definitiely want this accessible I seem to have to use on a daiky basis for something.

11. Kobo – I’m using Walamart audible and tiy have to use this app. For 8.99 verses 14.99 I’ll use Walmart audio. I’ve used Audible and honestly I dont think it’s that great of a deal.

12. Playstore – Where all apps come from and at times I do switch up. I need to re-add my Kroger app.

13.Calculator – Hey I like it close by if I need to just do the math real quick.

14. Gallery – Storage for all photos!

15.Calender – I have to have it I use it alot and I can log appointments etc.

16. Messenger – I do communicate with my children and friends at times on this app or if you want to message someone privately its a great tool and app.

17. Direct Express – Its all about the finances.

18. Word press – If I want to read blogs or write a quick blog from my phone I can. It helps me to keep track of all things blog!

19. Amazon Shopping – I do have Prime and I di ship on amazon.com at least monthly for something.

20. Instagram – I like this app because its photos only and can be used quickly plus I follow so many great blog on this app.

& 21. Goodreads – It will not fit on my screensaver Goodreads is how I keep track of my reading for the most part.I use all these apps just about daily or most days.I would love if you participate and I tag whom ever would like to participate! I hope that I will have some takers you may have an app I haven’t tried and would love to!Have a great week…

We fed the ducks today!

Every Day In May…

Every Day In May…

Hi to all my readers and yes, it’s been a while since I have written and posted a blog but I just went through a huge transitioned and moved and I’ve been trying to get my house unpacked all decorated and just the way I like it. Our home is our haven and it should be completely comfortable and we should love to be in our homes. All of this is many more blog posts and there will be many more blogs to come in the future because I love my new home and everything about it. Moving on I want to tell you why I’m writing this blog and I’m so excited about it!

There is a blog I read by Harper Grae and I just love her blog! She blogs about book hauls, unboxing, TBR list, what she plans to read. I am an avid reader and I just love and enjoy her blog. Were bookworms together!

Image is from Harper Grae’s blog and I hope you’ll visit her blog!


She suggested that we do Every Day In May and write a blog post every day and as you can see it’s May 11th and I failed some and I own it but, here I am and for me, it is about accountability and I thought it was a great idea! I think all writers and bloggers at times need a push or a nudge to write and what better way. At times I know that I’ll have trouble with thoughts and what to write. I keep a clipboard and ink pen always on my night stand. It may seem weird to others but thoughts come to me and night and I’ll grab my pen and clipboard and begin writing away.

I love technology but I still today am in love with putting pen to paper. I probably own more ink pens than anyone I know in this area. Usually, if the pen doesn’t glide across the page, let’s just say a pen has to write a certain way.

I went on and on enough about writing, ink pens, blogging, planning for it and all that goes along with all we write and do on our blogs! I love the blogging community! Were all so kind and willing to lend a hand or give advice or just be a great friend and I hope you’ll join along for Every Day In May and we can learn about each other and see what’s going and what we are involved in or what’s coming up in May!

I didn’t intend for this blog to be short or it seems short but, I did have to do some maintenance when I logged on. We as bloggers always want things to be better and there is always a reason to smile! Have a great weekend…

Next blog post: I’ll be telling you all about my new home and I’ll have photos to and I hope you will visit again…

Join along for the fun!

Moleskins are great to!



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Every Day In May
Every Day In May Hosted By: Harper Grae

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