“Why Her” – Book Review…

“Why Her” – Book Review…

Nicki Koziarz from Proverbs 31 Ministries has sure written a masterpiece this book about a question all of us at women I’m sure have ask ourselves “Why Her” which could pertain to all types of areas in our life when it comes to comparing ourselves to others.

How does she make herself look so good and healthy each day?

How is she able to have and keep such a nice home?

Why are they able to purchase a car like that and we can’t?

Nicki has not the mark on this one and it’s definitely a tremendous book that will touch soul deep with in and you’ll be thinking about the 6 Truths long after you finish this book!

Bible Study – Why Her? Proverbs 31

Bible Study – Why Her? Proverbs 31

I received my book today for the “Why Her”? Bible Study with Proverbs 31 Ministries…

I do have a post coming up for Week 1 and 2, as I’ve been waiting for the book to come and we were able to download the first 3 chapters when you join the study so if you join until you receive your book you are able to do this and download the first 3 chapters and that was quick on delivery!

Happy National Book Day to all to as I loaded up my Kindle today!

Even though I still like the feel of a book in hand I still find great deals on Kindle books I have to take advantage of and read so I’ll have lots of fantastic book reviews coming up..

Enjoy the weekend!