Feeding The Birds and All God’s Creatures…

Feeding The Birds and All God’s Creatures…

But not bears I say! Let’s not leave food outside and draw bears near to our homes. It’s that time of year and here in Whitley City, KY. On year a bear was eating out of the dumpster at KFC here and having quite the meal as I’m sure he was happy.

Last year I had put out a really nice bird feeder that 6 or 8 birds could perch in and eat from but the squirrels time and time again would have a feast and swing on it as well. Each time I saw it laying in the yard I would go out into the yard and hang it again never becoming upset because I know squirrels have to eat to

This year I haven’t had a chance to go and pick up any bird feeders as I had been laying the bird feed on a shelf like stand I guess you could say in order for the birds to be able to eat.

I decided today I was going to make a bird feeder as I had saw it done before with water or soda bottles. I just used a 2 liter soda bottle and cut it down.

The Supplies Needed That I Used:


Soda or Water Bottle

Scissors scrapbook or regular scissors

Hole Punch

Twigs or Sticks to fit for birds to perch

Trim it down with scissors to desired size. Then I punched the holes around the outside for me to be abe to run the twigs and sticks through the wholes. I also wrapped it around the twigs for a sturdier hang when hanging on the tree. I placed a piece of a stirofoam on the bottom bit you could use a plastic saucer, plate or lid in order to have a place for the birdseed to fall into and rest. There you have it and now the birds can eat and be satisfied end it’s nice for us to be able to see the different color birds we attract here. I also hung out my. 99 cent hummingbird feeder I’ve had for years and I definitely need to upcycle this one or just purchase a new one period.

I’m just happy I can feed the birds better now. It’s a simple project and children would enjoy it.

Sorry I haven’t written any blogs lately. I’ve been working many hours, taking care of my home, and and chickens.

I have a broody one and 8 pray these babies live. The last ones were duds and it was as if she knew. She came up out of the chicken house one day and left them. My husband did find a dead one and I just got rid of the other eggs.

She came out today to eat and played for a little bit and returned to her eggs. Brave our rooster was being contrary and I scolded him and told him to be nice but our chickens seem happy. Well see if these baby chickens live I sure hope so!

Have a great weekend and leave plenty of water outside this year it’s humid and very hot…

Using What I Already Have…

Using What I Already Have…

I decided to go outside this evening after I mixed up a pasta salad and added some Parmesan cheese for me to have for dinner since my husband is working his other job tonight to give the chickens a little feed and I let them out to cluck around the yard for a little while before the sun goes down and look at these eggs. Always pleased with this.

I had noticed that the birds little perch had come loose from the tree and when I picked it up it was split in the middle on the bottom where they would have to perch and eat.

With a hammer and some duct tape I was able to repair it and nail it back to our tree in the front yard with success and now the birds can eat again.

We hope to make and plant flower boxes for the top of the mailbox and package center my husband built last year but for now  the top can work well for the birds to be able to eat. I always enjoy feeding them each year and watching the different colored birds come and go each year.

This works just fine for now and I enjoy feeding the hummingbirds to each year but until I make a feeder or get out to pick one up for these little fellas this will due for the birds for now.

I always enjoy the tire swing in the front yard hanging off off the tree each spring and summer or every season for that matter. The birds will enjoy this for now.

The squirrels destroyed my feeders last year and I think the whole family came and ate last year. There replaceable and they all have to eat. Squirrels get hungry to.

Yesterday I did a lot of Spring cleaning. I have a blog post coming up about spring cleaning and such.

I don’t plan to wear myself out and I’m learning to enjoy the process of it as well as enjoy the sunshine, the fresh air, and the smell of the sweet apple trees in bloom. This evening I’m just taking it easy with some note taking and well needed reading time.

When you dive into your spring cleaning or if you already have, enjoy it as you do a little each time or a little each day. Make it fun and enjoyable for you with music, a podcast or an audio book.  No rush as we need to take care of us to and have a schedule and plan it out or even plan as we go.

No rush for me and I’m having an evening coffee and it’s quiet around here this evening so this is the best time for a great book, article, or to read anything that’s beneficial.

Until next time I hope your enjoying the sunshine because I sure am. It has finally warmed up here in Ky. And I’ve been looking forward to this. Enjoy it…