Just Open The Door…

Just Open The Door…

My book came today and I’ve been waiting for this book!

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Order and join the book club today! It’s fantastic!

I love and enjoy being a Lifeway book blogger.

It’s a true blessing.

God Bless and have a blessed Sunday!

Book Review – “In Bloom” By Author Kayla Aimee

Book Review – “In Bloom” By Author Kayla Aimee

Have you ever been a few pages into a really good book and you have to go searching for a highlighter to mark and highlight all through the book?

Well, this is one of those books by Kayla Aimee!

What a sensational read with all the honesty she pours into this book and she holds nothing back when I say this. Kayla shares the most intimate and personal parts of her life about insecurity and shame as we have all experienced this at a time, two or three in our lives. She’ll have you feeling better in no time as this is the book that I have been reading late into the night and it is such a great read for women of all ages!

Kayla writes: of course I’m more confident in writing. I get a backspace key.

She writes about where Lisa Terkeurst said, “Rejection isn’t just an emotion we feel. It’s a message that’s sent to the core of who we are.

She goes onto write “there were plenty of things I n my life I could have enjoy if I had just been able to focus on my own portion rather than someone else’s.

This is a book that helps us and teaches us to get to the core of ourselves with God leading us and wakes us up to realize that we no longer need to feel ashamed or be insecure and comes with a blue print on “how we do this” and stay close to our ever loving, ever lasting Almighty God of wisdom.

The book comes with affirmations that you are able to print from her website right here.

If you purchase any book in 2018 let it be this one and it will have you feeling confident and funny of God’s grace to take on the world! Let your shine through this great read and allow nothing to no longer hold you back!

This book is available on her website and here at amazon. com, as well as all Christian bookstores.

You can visit Lifeway where Christian books and materials are sold and order your copy today!

I absolutely loved the cover because I love fresh flowers and it’s so colorful.

Happy reading with Kayla Aimee and God Bless…

My next title is selected to read, reflect, and blog about, oh, and I’m doing the study to with Proverbs 31 Ministries and I’ll be sure to let you know how it’s going with:

Why Her” it will be here in a few days! I’m so excited to read this book and get it into my hands…