Sunday? Always a Good Day At Whitley City Church of God…

Sunday? Always a Good Day At Whitley City Church of God…

In Our Church!

We went to church this morning and our Pastor Bruce Dixon did a sermon on an amazing message about:

“What Are You Afraid Of”

He talked about how there are 3 of the same stories in the Bible in Matthew, Mark, and Luke, and about how after Jesus healed the gentlemen that was ill they told or ask Him to leave and he wasn’t welcome. Why?

Because they were afraid and feared him. There are several types of fear in the world and our Pastor had said he Googled the subject just to check and see what the numbers were. Along with saying to us “Prepare Yourself” although I’m not sure those were Pastor Bruce’s exact words but, he stated that there are 7 million four hundred and something fears that are categorized as such as far as Google stated.

All in all, the bottom line is what are you afraid of when it comes to giving your life to Jesus Christ and living to obey God as He said in his message:

Television shows you are not going to be able to watch.

Certain people you can no longer associate with.

Places you will no longer be able to go to or visit.

The list goes on and on and on and you would not believe the names of some of these fears listed!

Fears of beards our Pastor stated. Yes beards! I found that odd.

Fears of snakes. I fear snakes!

A Goraphobic – I always thought my mother was because she never wanted to leave her home after being in a badly abusive relationship years ago. Let’s just say the man almost killed her several times and leave it at that. I did not understand at the time and there were no laws as there are today for such a horrible situation.

There’s more as I said 7 million or it may have been billion. It was quite the interesting message from the gospel of Matthew.

There was so much more to the sermon, I am by far not as intelligent as our Pastor Bruce Dixon when it comes to bringing a message like he does because it’s always a powerful message.

You may visit our church on facebook If you like. Amazing things happening here! All the time! I am so blessed to be a part of this church.

If you like you can read the story in Matthew, Mark or Luke as I said. It’s there I’ve read it several times. I love reading the Bible or any book, article, etc. When it comes to the gospels of Jesus Christ.

The worship music is always a blessing. We have quite the talented musicians. Our Pastor and his sons included along with several other gentlemen and women that play the instruments and sing as we’re standing, clapping, praising and lifting our arms to praise the Lord. It’s quite a site to see and be a part of. We have an alter call and we pray and we pray and we pray and hope to lead others to Jesus Christ by spreading the gospel and you can to.

It’s always a blessing to be in our church. I feel like a million dollars during a church service at Whitley City Church of God and every time I walk out of there.

The big blessing we got to see today was a baptism!

Praise God! The beautiful lady standing next to the young lady that was baptized is Angela I just love her!

She’s a school teacher here and they love her to.

It was an amazing thing to see and it always is in leading others to Christ.

Our pastor is in the center of the photo with the young lady that was baptized along with several others. We all lined up, hugged her and told her that we loved her, and God Blessed her!

Great books for a Bible study or even a great read:

Have you given your heart to Jesus Christ?

Ask and you shall receive.

Knock and the door shall open.

Believe and Have Faith.

Ask Jesus to come into your heart today.

He died on the cross and shed his blood to save us from our sins.

We are forgiven!

Start your journey today by living, obeying and following Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior.

We also have a Celebrate Recovery Program at our church every Sunday evening from 6-8 p.m. that is lead by brother Sean Brunette and it’s saving lives daily.

It’s a fantastic program and it works because:

With God All Things Are Possible…

A Faith Based Recovery Program.

Addiction is taking over our country and ruining lives daily. There is help for all and Jesus is the way, the truth and the light.

God bless and have a great week…

Comparing Ourself to Others…

Comparing Ourself to Others…

I’ll be blogging about the first 2 weeks of our Why Her study…

The truth will always set us free.

This book comes with in 6 truths we should and need to always live by.

1. You need to be honest.

2. See it for what it really is.

You need to be honest.

2 Corinthians 10:12 In measuring themselves by themselves and comparing themselves to themselves, they lack understanding.

We’ve all as women of the world and in our homes at one time or another have “compared ourselves to others” and have probably ask ourselves the grueling question “why her”, as to why is she a better cook or why is she able to live in a nicer home or even as a housewife “why can’t I get my floor to shine like that”, or even why don’t I have q green thumb when it comes to gardening or growing colorful flowers”?

Comparison to others can become even obsessive at times or create quite the havoc in our lives if we allow it to.

In this book “Why Her” and for the study they use the story of Leah and Rachelle in Genesis and how Rachelle was able to have love in her life while Leah wasn’t yet she was able to bear children and Rachelle wasn’t. After Leah continue to bear children and tells herself maybe Jacob will love me now it isn’t until she gives birth to her fourth child that she has had enough and says to herself “I will praise the Lord.

We learn through this reading and study that You need to be honest.

We love to shout out our successes but seldom show or let others see our secret sorrows.

Do I always feel there are other writers and bloggers out there that produce better writing content than I do for readers? Why of course and it’s a competitive world for all of us. Even though I write and blog as well as read blogs because I enjoy it first and foremost but I enjoy reading and learning from others to! Thank you for blogging out there along with me. We all have something worth reading to write. Don’t ever think or believe you don’t as I have doubted myself a time or two. Oh, okay let’s be honest more often than that at times.

See it Like It Really Is Verse:Proverbs 31:30

“Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting, but a woman who fears the Lord will be praised. ”

Any comparison struggle welcome up against is a struggle.

Our pastor delivered a message worth perceiving yesterday morning in church about how if we allow the enemy to “he will have us and our minds all twisted up in knots”. Of course that’s his plan to seek us out and destroy us!

Our pastor used the story in Matthew about where the lady was hunched over for years and had ask us “could you imagine being as this lady was for this long?

The enemy wants us to believe she has a better life.

Us getting personal with God is the best way we can disarm the enemy and not give him what he has set out to accomplish all along.

And by asking God to give me eyes to see what I need to see, not what I want to see.

This is the reality of it all and this is what Nicki writes about in the book.

There are plenty of areas in my life I can reflect on where I have compared myself to others when I think back long and hard and even at times still do.

We need to be supporting, loving and encouraging to each other in our walks and in being successful as we write and blog daily and in other areas of our lives. I’m just using this for an example. I don’t worry at all about competition because I find and get my most pleasure out of reading, learning, and educating myself from others if I haven’t already read or learned about it elsewhere.

Are we missing God’s blessings when we have our eyes or hearts elsewhere? Most certainly we are at times I’m sure.

My husband and I don’t have a huge amount of money but, we don’t need a large amount of money either. We have all we need and my heart is full of joy on most every day when I look around and I am thankful and grateful for all we do have. With us having this land we are rich as my husband told me and it will never let us down. God blessed us with this land. It may take months and even years for us to have it how we dream about and no hurry. I’ve learned to enjoy the process of all things in life.

As women who choose to fear the Lord, we are asking God to show us.

Honesty can lead us to much quieter places. Wisdom helps us to enjoy the learning process of what God is teaching us.

There are times I’ll say to myself “there’s a lesson in this” at times I’ve even went into seeking the lesson out, and being joyful in the learning of the lesson when God practices grace in my life.

I’ve learned I can control myself and what I allow to affect my life.

There is always more than likely a blessing after the storm or as Nicki states in the book:

We always have choices. We can settle and pout.

God doesn’t want us to settle. He wants us to come to him and shift and praise.

1 Peter 5:8 We have an enemy that is prowling around to devour us.

Fear of the Lord is the opposite of being scared or wanting to hide.

I no longer look back at what I can’t change I keep my eyes and heart on Jesus and praise him for all I do have.

Wisdom teaches us to not ask “why is this happening” to “what can we do about it”?

God made us all unique in our own way and there’s to much that’s beautiful about each and everyone of us to lose it all on another.

Honesty is teaching us to stop fearing what we don’t have, so we can see what we do.

By accepting what we have we are able to get honest with ourselves and be able to remain honest and to not let the enemy ruin the excitement of our grace filled life.

Being able to recognize when we are feeling this way is important for us then, we are to be honest and do something about it before it gets out of hand or before we let our minds and hearts get out of sorts, in order for us to be able to stay on the right path that God wants us on, and has laid out before us. It’s up to us to choose.

God has given us a longing to know him, and be known by him. I like how Nicki says this in the book. It leads us out of comparison into restoration.

I’m going to end the first couple of weeks for now and leave us all with plenty to think about!

Go to Him and let him know how you feel. He’s always available for us.

There is so much more in the book as you can see I have a notebook already full of notes.

I definitely recommend this book and doing the study.

You can still sign up and you will receive the first 3 chapters of the book until you receive your copy of the book.

As time goes on I’m sure I’ll have so much more to write about in and during my study. I’m trying not to give to much away yet, and in trying to say and write so much, with out giving to much away so I hope your getting this. I sure am! Powerful words within this book!

This is something us as women all struggle with so I say: Purchase The Book and Enjoy the Study!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this and I’m off to go read “Why Her”.

God Bless…

Something to think about below and do you know Jesus?

3. You don’t always have to be okay.

Oh! That’s coming up next week!

See you for my next blog about “Why Her” study next week

Bible Study – Why Her? Proverbs 31

Bible Study – Why Her? Proverbs 31

I received my book today for the “Why Her”? Bible Study with Proverbs 31 Ministries…

I do have a post coming up for Week 1 and 2, as I’ve been waiting for the book to come and we were able to download the first 3 chapters when you join the study so if you join until you receive your book you are able to do this and download the first 3 chapters and that was quick on delivery!

Happy National Book Day to all to as I loaded up my Kindle today!

Even though I still like the feel of a book in hand I still find great deals on Kindle books I have to take advantage of and read so I’ll have lots of fantastic book reviews coming up..

Enjoy the weekend!

My Spring Cleaning Agenda…

My Spring Cleaning Agenda…

Hi everyone! Welcome if you have never visited here! So glad you stopped by and I have been trying to get to this blog but, life gets busy and I’m sure if you have a career your double busy.

My journey as a housewife over the years has become my career and I love and enjoy it what a gift! As I have stated. I commend the women that are out there in the career world but

I am happiest at home.

I’m sure others like me have started their spring cleaning.

If you like to read as I do here’s a great book for the housewife and homemaker.

She lives a very strict homemaker, housewife, Christian life and the entire book is I think 63 pages and it was really an enjoyable read. I wanted it on my bookshelf for which I ordered it from amazon. com.

Now let’s get down to the spring cleaning agenda. I’ve decided with all the sunshine, the smell of fresh air, my chickens clicking and the roosters giving us our 5a.m. wake up call that I’m going to enjoy it because the power is in the process.

I awoke a little earlier than normal this morning thinking about the “have to be done”.

Honestly, yesterday took it easy and did the normal “tidy up” but where I had done so much the day before I was quite wore out and I spent the day reading and catching up, taking notes, and had a really good relaxing day and my chickens and dog did to!

I like to enjoy the solitude of the mornings with my quiet time right after my husband leaves for work.

He doesn’t have to be at work until 9 o’clock and we really have time to enjoy the morning. It’s always chilly in the mornings but still it’s enjoyable.

I had to go and check on the chickens and gather eggs, because when it was time to return to the chicken house they fell into a single file line and it was just adorable! They were inside all tucked in and ready to perch for the night.

By this time I’m pretty well caught up and grateful for some time to sit down go in a little more in detail into my Bible studies and what book or books I may be reading.


I can’t say I’ve ever heard a women say she chose housewifery as a career for the usual reasons that one will go into a field of choice and having the skills required for a certain job. When my husband and I married let’s just say when people here get jobs they keep them and there are not many jobs here and I have ended up being a housewife throughout our marriage and it’s worked out so well and I really get to enjoy the process of my life as a wife and housewife and I do so much.

In these enlightened times, we have learned to listen to our hearts, be ourselves, and do what ever pur hearts desire to fulfil us throughout our day. Were not going to win a Novel Prize for being a housewife or it be the first paragraph you write to a letter to a friend or send in a card. But I’ve recently discovered it’s a new perspective when I come across all I read about life as a housewife.

On him depends the food for the family, and all other areas of life that we have to pay for in life.

It’s up to me to find a “ray of hope” if nothing else, women are “the mothers of men” and I’ve read this man places in our day and age.

Young mothers trying to raise little humans into productive adults, not to mention working to provide a clean house, healthy meals, and all the rest that hangs over our heads because our work doesn’t come with a paycheck but what does come with it money can’t buy.

It’s something isn’t it? That society values work more when it attached to an income.

We can sweep a floor, toss a salad, mix up dough for bread, yet were still just housewives and I’ll take it and continue to enjoy the abundance as I do.

How do we describe spring cleaning? I’ve read it’s been described as “drudgery”. But I think today the there is more or less drudgery in house cleaning.

I have begun my 2018 Spring Cleaning, but instead of getting discouraged or annoyed with all I have ahead of me to do I plan to take advice I’ve read about:

“This spring I have decided to work out my own plan of escape from drudgery. I am going to take a lesson from Mother Nature herself. I shall son the prettiest and frilliest aprons when I go outside. I am going to step out”-oh, anytime in the first part of the morning, nine o’clock if I feel like it-under the trees, into the garden, up and over the hillside; watch the birds arrange their summer cottages; smell the intoxicating scent of apple blossoms from my neighbors apple trees, and go to sleep at night listening to the rain against the window pains or the sound of wind in the many trees around us. Knowing for a certainty they will accomplish their ever new and lovely process of Spring rejuvenation and knowing that I too, even as I do a small portion of my work at a time, making room each and everyday for other insights and interest more pleasurable than housework. I to will find I can have the house just as sweet and clean, my tasks just as amply done if I take each one as it comes. Not crowding or over whelming myself -and without worry or thought as to the days that just beyond my reach. Sun, wind, rain, it is all in the glorious scheme of a Spring day and I’m so glad this season is here.

As this was stated on:ahousewifewrites. com a blog I came across and was reading about a housewife.

Visit her blog it’s wonderful!

Three or four cheers for Mother’s easy way of house cleaning!

Don’t rush the process and enjoy it ladies!

Welcome and Happy Spring to all of us!