My Spring Cleaning Agenda…

My Spring Cleaning Agenda…

Hi everyone! Welcome if you have never visited here! So glad you stopped by and I have been trying to get to this blog but, life gets busy and I’m sure if you have a career your double busy.

My journey as a housewife over the years has become my career and I love and enjoy it what a gift! As I have stated. I commend the women that are out there in the career world but

I am happiest at home.

I’m sure others like me have started their spring cleaning.

If you like to read as I do here’s a great book for the housewife and homemaker.

She lives a very strict homemaker, housewife, Christian life and the entire book is I think 63 pages and it was really an enjoyable read. I wanted it on my bookshelf for which I ordered it from amazon. com.

Now let’s get down to the spring cleaning agenda. I’ve decided with all the sunshine, the smell of fresh air, my chickens clicking and the roosters giving us our 5a.m. wake up call that I’m going to enjoy it because the power is in the process.

I awoke a little earlier than normal this morning thinking about the “have to be done”.

Honestly, yesterday took it easy and did the normal “tidy up” but where I had done so much the day before I was quite wore out and I spent the day reading and catching up, taking notes, and had a really good relaxing day and my chickens and dog did to!

I like to enjoy the solitude of the mornings with my quiet time right after my husband leaves for work.

He doesn’t have to be at work until 9 o’clock and we really have time to enjoy the morning. It’s always chilly in the mornings but still it’s enjoyable.

I had to go and check on the chickens and gather eggs, because when it was time to return to the chicken house they fell into a single file line and it was just adorable! They were inside all tucked in and ready to perch for the night.

By this time I’m pretty well caught up and grateful for some time to sit down go in a little more in detail into my Bible studies and what book or books I may be reading.


I can’t say I’ve ever heard a women say she chose housewifery as a career for the usual reasons that one will go into a field of choice and having the skills required for a certain job. When my husband and I married let’s just say when people here get jobs they keep them and there are not many jobs here and I have ended up being a housewife throughout our marriage and it’s worked out so well and I really get to enjoy the process of my life as a wife and housewife and I do so much.

In these enlightened times, we have learned to listen to our hearts, be ourselves, and do what ever pur hearts desire to fulfil us throughout our day. Were not going to win a Novel Prize for being a housewife or it be the first paragraph you write to a letter to a friend or send in a card. But I’ve recently discovered it’s a new perspective when I come across all I read about life as a housewife.

On him depends the food for the family, and all other areas of life that we have to pay for in life.

It’s up to me to find a “ray of hope” if nothing else, women are “the mothers of men” and I’ve read this man places in our day and age.

Young mothers trying to raise little humans into productive adults, not to mention working to provide a clean house, healthy meals, and all the rest that hangs over our heads because our work doesn’t come with a paycheck but what does come with it money can’t buy.

It’s something isn’t it? That society values work more when it attached to an income.

We can sweep a floor, toss a salad, mix up dough for bread, yet were still just housewives and I’ll take it and continue to enjoy the abundance as I do.

How do we describe spring cleaning? I’ve read it’s been described as “drudgery”. But I think today the there is more or less drudgery in house cleaning.

I have begun my 2018 Spring Cleaning, but instead of getting discouraged or annoyed with all I have ahead of me to do I plan to take advice I’ve read about:

“This spring I have decided to work out my own plan of escape from drudgery. I am going to take a lesson from Mother Nature herself. I shall son the prettiest and frilliest aprons when I go outside. I am going to step out”-oh, anytime in the first part of the morning, nine o’clock if I feel like it-under the trees, into the garden, up and over the hillside; watch the birds arrange their summer cottages; smell the intoxicating scent of apple blossoms from my neighbors apple trees, and go to sleep at night listening to the rain against the window pains or the sound of wind in the many trees around us. Knowing for a certainty they will accomplish their ever new and lovely process of Spring rejuvenation and knowing that I too, even as I do a small portion of my work at a time, making room each and everyday for other insights and interest more pleasurable than housework. I to will find I can have the house just as sweet and clean, my tasks just as amply done if I take each one as it comes. Not crowding or over whelming myself -and without worry or thought as to the days that just beyond my reach. Sun, wind, rain, it is all in the glorious scheme of a Spring day and I’m so glad this season is here.

As this was stated on:ahousewifewrites. com a blog I came across and was reading about a housewife.

Visit her blog it’s wonderful!

Three or four cheers for Mother’s easy way of house cleaning!

Don’t rush the process and enjoy it ladies!

Welcome and Happy Spring to all of us!