The Great Alone –

The Great Alone –

This is my current read and I’m not finished with it yet but I still wanted to blog about it because it’s such an interesting book and I think anyone who loves to read as I do will definitely enjoy this book because it’s that good!

It starts off in 1974 and Leni that’s telling the story in the book is 13 bit it’s still an adult read by author Kristin Hannah and it’s an amazing adventure you’ll feel lime your there!

This is the old bear that leads up to trying to attack Lani’s father all while he’s driving here to Alaska when a guy that was in Vietnam with her father that died while serving our country leaves him land in Alaska in which he receives a letter from the man’s father.

It’s a triumphant and challenging time for all of them as a whole and a family only Leni is caught in the riptide of her parents passionate, crazy, stormy relationship, and how much they truly love each other even though she doesn’t understand it. Her father can’t hold down a job, he drinks to much and he doesn’t treat her mother to well either that she can see of and he has flash backs and nightmares about Vietnam that makes things even worse at home and elsewhere. She is desperate for a place to belong, stay in one school and have some actual real friends for a change.

Her mother Cora will do anything or go anywhere for her father whim she loves with all her heart.

At first Alaska seems to be the answer and everything is going great as planned. In a remote corner of the state in an independent community and the people love the life they’ve created here in Alaska of strong men and even stronger woman.

But, as winter approaches and darkness descends on Alaska, Ernt’s fragile mental state deteriorates and the family begins to come apart as well.

The long sunlit days and the generosity of the locals helping them out and preparing and with dwindling resources there help is making up for what they don’t have because they came to Alaska very unprepared for the more than fierce winters.

As winter does descends on Alaska, so do the perils outside, pale in comparison to threats from within inside there home.

In their small cabin, covered in snow, and 18 hours of darkness in the book winter and at night, Leni and her mother know the terrible truth: they are on their own in The Great Alone and in the wild there is no one to save them but themselves.

It’s a portrait of human frailty and resilence, and how a family learns to survive as the modern American pioneer is revealed in the Spirit if a vanishing Alaska, a place of incomparable beauty and danger.

This is an up all night read and you won’t be able to put it down. How Kristin Hannah writes about Alaska it’s as if we’re right herewith them.

It’s that great of a book! I had to write and blog about it now that’s how good it is!

Your going to want to add this book to your TBR list for sure this summer!

I anxious to see his this book ends but I am enjoying the story so much!

It’s an exceptional masterpiece…

You may head over to goodreads to read all reviews.  I just can’t stress enough how great if an author Kristin Hannah is! I hope you enjoy this review!
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Just Open The Door…

Just Open The Door…

My book came today and I’ve been waiting for this book!

Next:Great blog post coming up!

Order and join the book club today! It’s fantastic!

I love and enjoy being a Lifeway book blogger.

It’s a true blessing.

God Bless and have a blessed Sunday!

Happy Earth Day…

Happy Earth Day…

Happy Earth Day! This was always a pretty big day in school and I was telling my husband that we would always get to take a tree home to plant when I was in elementary school. I don’t know if area schools S do this but, I think they should. This has always been a special big day for me.

We went to church this morning and our pastor delivered a good message about how the enemy will take over your mind if you allow him to so don’t!

Back to earth Day! It’s been gloomy here and now the sun has decided to shine and yay! We’ve had a late lunch and I wanted to write a short blog on this earth Day. I have ask if our utility company gives away trees to be planted and they don’t unfortunately, but the lady did tell me to check with the forestry, and I may because we do have room to plant some more trees.

Trees are always good for our breathing and oxygen.

I would also like to plant some fruit trees here just to see if they would grow and for the fruit to of course. I have read about dwarf trees also and this would definitely be the way to go until I was able to see if they would grow or not since we have fierce winters here. Here are some photos I found of some dwarf fruit trees.

The first dwarf tree which is a lemon tree it did say this was 3 years after delivery. I would love to have a lemon tree like this to walk out to and pull off fresh lemons as I need them and their uses in several different ways to clean and sanitize to in our homes as housewives I think we use them quite frequently. Nice thought and I think so to!

Here is a book I found on nature that I have put on my Kindle to learn some new things about nature to.

It sounds very interesting and it has all types of different subjects for what different things mean as to a world filled with clues. How the root of a tree indicates the sun’s direction, the big dipper tells the time, a passing butterfly hints at the weather, a sand dune reveals a prevailing wind, and the scent of cinnamon suggests altitude. This book is to help the reader understand nature as he does with 850 tips for forecasting, tracking, and more writes Tristan Gooey…

Happy Earth Day again and enjoy your Sunday and have a great week!

Evening church service and tomorrow is Monday again. Let’s see what we can get into and blog about this week…

Being a Lifeway Book Blogger…

Being a Lifeway Book Blogger…

I wanted to write a blog about this lovely book I’m reading call “In Bloom” and the author is Kayla Aimee at her blog and website at

I’ll search on Christian websites like L £ H Book Blogging and search through there website because I’m always reading some type of material when I’m not writing here on my blog or being domestic and I had seen where you could apply to be a L £ H Book Blogger and I applied and I had to eagerly continue to check my email because I would receive Christian books for free in the mail and as I read them I write a review and a blog post and select my next title and continue to be the bookworm that I am.

What a deal!

It said I would hear from the site within a week but it was only a couple of days and I was approved and I received my first title in just a couple of days and this is the book I’m currently reading.

I will be writing my review and blog when I’ve finished the book which I’m really enjoying and I will be reading more of Kayla Aimee’s titles and books for sure. She has a titled called Anchored I would love to add to my TBR list.

To Be Read…

That’s all I’m going to blog for now about this book. No spoiler alerts here but, it really is a wonderfully written book and I love how she’s so honest about all circumstances in her life. This book is about how every woman wants to identify, replace and uncover our purpose and that’s all I will blog but, I will definitely be a book blogger for as long as Lifeway will allow me to be a part of this.

You just wouldn’t believe how happy and excited I am about this. My books are like family to me if that makes sense and I cherish all on my bookshelf. Until next time that’s all for now about this title. There will be much more to come here on my blog about most certainly about this book! What a great author Kayla Aimee.

I’m currently on page 109 and I’m enjoying the process…