Our Backyard Chickens and the New Addition…

Our Backyard Chickens and the New Addition…

We’ve been quite busy since Fathers Day when I knew I had hear small faint chirping as I walked slowly and as I approached our chicken house but, I still saw nothing and if they were even born yet they were hiding up under Mama and sleeping.

We went ahead and attended church the following morning then after words on Fathers Day there they were with first 2, then 4, then 6, then 8, and I was starting to loose count because the way they were moving around and hiding because they would get scared and hide when we would approach the chicken house or they would hear us but, there they were the cutest little baby chickens alive and well!

There doing quite well and I didn’t want to put water in anything to deep and I used pie pans, milk jugs, and the bottom of water bottles. I trimmed them down to there height and enough to where they wouldn’t drowned.

I hadn’t thought about it But on backyard chickens where I’m a member and someone told me pie pans were good for this and if you have chickens or raise chickens you can find out any information you need to know from their website. They have anything you needed know here.

I was uneducated about chickens for years and the last few years I’ve edu ate myself because I knew I wanted to have chickens when we purchased this place and moved here. Wean teach ourselves or learn how to anything of our choice.

About a month ago one if our roosters disappeared and everything was fine for a while and then my other rooster disappeared and then the next night one of my chickens was gone. Poor girl all that was left in the chicken house was the floor being covered with feathers. We assumed a fox and a friend of mine told me a fox will leave the feathers because they can’t pick them up and carry them with them.

My husband and I knew we had to figure out a way to keep the babies safe or he’s the carpenter he did. I’m just a helper when need be. We have another chicken house behind our house and after he fenced it off all around the outside and moved the door on the other to this one it was in good shape!

We moved the ladder and one of the perches and knew they would be safe and so far they have been.

Here is the end result and I’m so pleased with it. I do have some red paint I may add but I’ll have to add some white to the trim to. We stopped here because we plan to add a larger run to it also for them especially now since I’ll have a pretty decent size flock.

Her last baby didn’t make it and we lost our roosters and a hen but look What God had blessed us with!

There just adorable and I hope they all make it. The Mama coma and huts my door and let’s me know they want an evening snack. I just cut a fresh pineapple and gave them what was left of the rind and the middle. Yesterday it was the stems and access from fresh spinach. I don’t know if I’ll keep them all if not I’ll sell them. We’ll see and I told my husband people in this county will be calling me that chicken lady!

I enjoy getting the fresh eggs and their both good layers. Only problem the other chicken jeeps going in the other old chicken house. But I told my husband were going to have to fix, repair and make it safe because I can’t keep all of them until chicken house their in because it’s not big enough and we’ll work through it and be ready for Fall and Winter. I haven’t had to purchase eggs since I’ve had them and this part I love and fresh eggs are better!

I love all of the egg holders and fresh eggs do not have to be refrigerated until you use them. Don’t clean them until your ready to use them and they’ll last about a month.

I’m over my illness and it’s cooled off some and boys humid here in Whitley. We’re even managing to have some cool comfortable evenings and that’s when my nose is in great book. I’ve read quite a few lately.

We’re blessed to have the life we do and I thank God daily. Make the most of it and enjoy the dream of what ever it may be you create. Until next time and I’ve read some great blogs today. Keep up the great writing my friends and God Bless…

It’s time for coffee and some reading!